Adam Gase to the New York Fantasy Squad

Thaddeus Kline

Welcome back to the segment where we like to judge the moves of which we have no control over; the good ol’ head coach musical chairs. This week we take a closer look into the Michigan native to see how or if he will impact some players on the Jets. This past season gave a few glimpses of Sam Darnold’s talent, as well as some speckles of a rushing game with Isaiah Crowell leading the haul. Without further ado, here is

Adam Gase to the New York Fantasy Squad

The man of the hour, Adam Gase, has been in the NFL since 2003. He began as a scouting assistant with the Detroit Lions until 2006. In 2007 he became their QB coach until the following season when he was shipped to San Fran and became an offensive assistant.

In 2009 he moved once more to Denver and was a WR coach for two years, then QB for another two, until finally landing the offensive coordinator gig for the Broncos in 2013. This is where our little adventure begins.

Who could forget Peyton Manning and all the good he has done for the city of Denver? Adam Gase worked with Manning from the time he came to Denver and the next year losing Super Bowl XLIX (49 for us normys). So if the beginning stats seem rather large, Manning is the answer.

After Denver, in 2015, Gase landed in Chicago again as the offensive coordinator. This time surrounded by Jay Cutler but received familiarly by head coach John Fox. I guess Fox put a good word in with his fellow higher-ups because somehow after only a year, Gase landed himself into the Miami Dolphins head coaching position.

Since he was the new head honcho, Clyde Christensen became the OC for a couple of years, then in 2018, Dowell Loggains replaced him. Dowell Loggains should sound familiar to you Jets fans because funny enough he followed Gase to the AFC rival as well.

2013: Overall Offensive Stats

Denver Broncos (13-3) OC

7,317 net total yards, 5,444 passing, 1,873 rushing

457.3 average yards a game, 340.3 passing, 117.1 rushing

606 total points and 37.9 points a game


Denver Broncos (12-4) OC

6,446 net total yards, 4,661 passing, 1,785 rushing

402.9 average yards a game, 291.3 passing, 111.6 rushing

482 total points and 30.1 points a game


Chicago Bears (6-10) OC

5,514 net total yards, 3,663 passing, 1,851 rushing

344.6 average yards a game, 228.9 passing, 115.7 rushing

335 total points and 20.9 points a game


Miami Dolphins (10-6) HC

5,540 net total yards, 3,500 passing, 1,824 rushing

346.3 average yards a game, 218.8 passing, 114.0 rushing

363 total points and 22.7 points a game


Miami Dolphins (6-10) HC

5,180 net total yards, 3,535 passing, 1,388 rushing

323.8 average yards a game, 220.9 passing, 86.8 rushing

279 total points and 17.4 points a game


Miami Dolphins (7-9) HC

5,047 net total yards, 2,900 passing, 1,738 rushing

315.4 average yards a game, 181.3 passing, 108.6 rushing

319 total points and 19.9 points a game

Gase has been nothing but consistent in a few categories shown. Obviously, he’s been getting some points every season but from the times he went from being the offensive coordinator to the head coach, his numbers have been dwindling down.

The one season with the Bears was the worst when he had the reigns but once he entered the head coaching spot in Miami, things began to take a major turn. The first year they landed in the playoffs but that is the only notable thing that happened in 2016 for the Dolphins.

Since then Gase has been, for a lack of a better term, quiet. All of his consistencies cease when he takes over in Miami. No more passing yards, his average yards a game goes down every year, along with the points he is able to score. The one sore thumb in Gase’s hand though, his rushing game.

His career low would be in 2017 with Miami, 1,388 total rushing yards and averaging 86.8 rushing yards a game, but this is an abnormality. Looking into the numbers we can see that even though his passing game has never been equivalent to his Manning days, his running attack has been fairly static.

This means a couple big things. With major QB talent, Gase can help this New York team get to a Super Bowl. This is shown with Manning but both you and I know that Sam Darnold has yet to prove himself of this caliber.

Another idea is that Gase could increase the value in the Jets rushing game because of his consistency to run the ball. We’ve seen the damage Isaiah Crowell can cause on the football field with the ball in his hands. Now it will be interesting to see what he does with Gase at the helm.

One last thing. I mentioned Dowell Loggains at the beginning of the article and how he went to New York with Gase. This is rather curious because it is the same move John Fox made with him when they went from Denver to Chicago. What else is curious is that last year Gase had one of his worst outcomes by the end of the 2018 NFL season. Was bringing Loggains to New York the best thing to do?