How Hard is the 2024 Los Angeles Rams Schedule? Ranking the Ram’s Strength of Schedule

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Sharp Football Analysis released its first strength of schedule breakdown for the NFL revealing the Los Angeles Rams schedule is neither incredibly difficult nor easy. The Rams schedule was ranked as the 17th easiest. In fact, the entirety of the NFC West falls right in this range, Seattle Seahawks are 15th, Arizona Cardinals 16th and San Francisco 49ers 18th.

SFA uses Vegas win totals as their metric to determine the strength of the schedule. The Rams over/under win total was set a 8.5 wins and the current odds are -110 to hit the over (getting to nine or more wins). That is an implied probability of just 52.4 percent. In non-betting parlance, this means Vegas like the Rams to win more than 8.5 games, but not very much. Based on this the Rams implied wins remain at 8.5 wins.

Last season, the Rams were determined to have the 26th hardest schedule, but blew their over/under win total out of the water. It was set at 5.5 wins and they ended up with 10 wins.

According to Sharp, “While there are not any perfect strength of schedule metrics, using 2024 Vegas win totals is much better than most widely used metrics that incorporate the previous season’s record.”

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How Hard is the 2024 Los Angeles Rams Schedule? Ranking the Ram's Strength of Schedule 3

2024 Los Angeles Rams Scheduled Opponents With Implied Wins Line


  • NFC West: Arizona Cardinals: 6.8 wins, San Francisco 49ers: 11.15, Seattle Seahawks: 7.5
  • NFC North: Green Bay Packers: 10.1, Minnesota Vikings: 6.75
  • AFC East: Buffalo Bills: 10.6, Miami Dolphins: 9.85
  • Philadelphia Eagles: 10.35, Las Vegas Raiders: 6.75


  • NFC West: Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks
  • NFC North: Detroit Lions: 10.5, Chicago Bears: 8.7
  • AFC East: New England Patriots 4.87, New York Jets: 9.55
  • New Orleans Saints: 7.6
NFL: Washington Commanders at Los Angeles Rams schedule
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