The 2023 Rams Backup Quarterback Dilemma: Re-sign, Sign, or Draft?

Matthew Stafford is the only QB on the Rams roster. This will change, but how will the Rams Backup Quarterback be added to the team?

Who Will Be The Rams Backup Quarterback in 2023?

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As the Los Angeles Rams head into the 2023 NFL offseason, the question of who will back up starting QB Matthew Stafford has become a topic of concern. With several options on the table, including re-signing current backups Bryce Perkins or John Wolford, signing a free agent like Mason Rudolph or Carson Wentz, or drafting a QB in the later rounds, the Rams must make a calculated decision to solidify their depth at the position.

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Re-Sign A Rams Backup Quarterback

Both Perkins and Wolford were given opportunities this past season to prove their worth when Stafford was sidelined due to injury. However, neither player made a significant impression during their regular-season appearances, leaving the Rams to claim QB Baker Mayfield off waivers to fill the void left by injuries.

With limited cap space, the Rams need to find a cost-effective solution for their backup quarterback situation. Re-signing Perkins or Wolford would likely be the most affordable option, but their lackluster performances thus far may have the Rams’ front office looking elsewhere.

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Sign A Veteran As The Rams Backup Quarterback

Free agency presents a few possibilities, with Mason Rudolph and Carson Wentz being notable names on the market. Both have starting experience in the NFL, but their price tags could be prohibitive given the Rams’ cap constraints. Additionally, Wentz, in particular, has struggled with consistency in recent years, which might make the Rams hesitant to pursue him. There aren’t many flashy free-agent QBs on the market currently, but another name that could be interesting is Matt Ryan.

Draft A Rams Backup Quarterback

Drafting a quarterback in the later rounds offers another avenue for the Rams to consider. This approach not only allows the team to groom a potential successor to Stafford but also provides them with a more cost-effective solution for their backup QB needs. The challenge, however, lies in finding a talented prospect in the later rounds who can develop into a reliable backup and eventual starter. They could use one of their earlier picks on a player like Hendon Hooker or Jake Haener, but there are more pressing needs on the roster.

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