2018 Vs. 2021: Which Rams Super Bowl Team Would Win?

Both Rams Super Bowl teams were great. But which would come out on top if they went head to head?

Imagine a thrilling matchup between two Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl teams: the 2018-2019 squad and the recent 2021-2022 team. While this matchup is only hypothetical, we can still explore the possibilities and engage in a debate about which team would come out on top. Using the results from a simulated game, let’s dive into the numbers and analyze the potential outcome.

Simulated Rams Super Bowl Results:

According to a simulation conducted on NFLGameSim.com, the final score was Rams (2022) 31 – Rams (2019) 38. The simulations ran 100 times, with two overtimes occurring in 2% of the games. The average score was Rams (2022): 24.2 and Rams (2019): 26.8, with the margin of victory being less than 5 points in 30% of the simulations.

Player Performances:


In the simulated game, Jared Goff (2019) and Matthew Stafford (2022) led their respective teams’ passing attacks. Goff completed 66.7% of his passes for 223 yards and one touchdown, earning a passer rating of 140.1. On the other hand, Stafford had an impressive performance, completing 70.3% of his passes for 324 yards and two touchdowns, earning a passer rating of 161.7.

Running Backs

The running game showed dominance from both teams. Todd Gurley (2019) showcased his skills with 121 rushing yards and three touchdowns, while Sony Michel (2022) led the way for his team with 112 rushing yards and two touchdowns. These performances demonstrate the impact both running backs could have in a hypothetical showdown.

Wide Receivers

In terms of receiving, both teams had multiple contributors, as they should in the Sean McVay offense. Cooper Kupp (2019) and Cooper Kupp (2022) led their respective teams in receiving yards, with Kupp (2019) accumulating 89 yards, and Kupp (2022) amassing the same number of yards. Other notable performances came from Robert Woods (2019) and Odell Beckham Jr. (2022), each finding the end zone with a touchdown reception.

While the simulation provides some insight into the hypothetical matchup between the Rams’ Super Bowl teams, it is important to remember that an actual one-game sample size has unpredictable results, with the most important factor being that the 2021-2022 team won the Super Bowl. Nevertheless, this exercise sparks a fun discussion among Rams fans and football enthusiasts about which team would come out victorious.

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