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It’s been a crazy weekend for professional wrestling with NXT Takeover on Saturday and the Royal Rumble on Sunday. Last night we got the Raw after the Rumble in Philly. Fans wonder how Raw was going to be after the Rumble. Well, here’s the recap.

Stephanie McMahon introduces everyone to Raw. She announces the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber for the Raw Women’s Championship. Asuka, the inaugural women’s Royal Rumble winner, is introduced by Stephanie. Sasha Banks interrupts to set up a match between them.

Analysis: Interesting that they have the women start off the show. It was okay, wasn’t a big deal but I do like that they kicked it off with Asuka.

Braun Strowman def. Kane – Last Man Standing Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match

Analysis: Surprisingly short, but it was fine that way. They got to the point and had Braun just completely obliterate Kane. Segment overall was great.

Elias def. “Woken” Matt Hardy to qualify for the Elimination Chamber

Analysis: This is pretty much a useless rivalry between Hardy and Bray Wyatt. They already had their match at Raw 25. There’s no need to do it again. Wyatt distracting Hardy pretty much guarantees another showdown though. However, match itself was average but happy that Elias is in the Chamber match.

The Miz def. Roman Reigns to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Analysis: Oh well, it was fun while it lasted for Roman as a mid-carder. The match was good and can’t wait to see what’s in store for Miz next.

The Revival def. Rhyno and Heath Slater

Analysis: Nothing much to comment here. Only that I’m very interested to see how they use the Revival from their promo. They are on fire right now in terms of mic work.

Asuka def. Sasha Banks

Analysis: It’s a shame that they didn’t save it until Elimination Chamber. This was the match of the night and I’m glad Sasha is still alive. Asuka is on fire right now and they need to put the strap on her and hopefully keep her undefeated streak alive for a long time.

The Bar def. Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews to retain the Raw Tag Team Championship

Analysis: This was out of left field. As I recall, there was no announcement regarding a tag title match. There really was no interest here and the crowd didn’t seem engaged. However, Crews and O’Neil are starting to build chemistry.

John Cena def. Finn Balor to qualify for the Elimination Chamber.

Analysis: I actually thought for a second Cena was going to put Finn over. Wrong thought I guess. Why would Cena be annoyed with the crowd booing him now? They’ve been doing this for over a decade. The match itself was like any other Cena match. Don’t know why I was surprised.

Overall: This was an interesting Raw. WWE has pretty good momentum going on after this weekend. Hopefully, they can keep this up for next week.

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