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The WWE Raw 25th Anniversary episode was last night and was built to deliver big. The show took place in two venues, the Manhattan Center and the Barclays Center. Did it meet expectations? Well here is what I thought of it.

The show opens with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at the Manhattan Center welcoming everyone.

They switch over to the Barclays Center with Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon. They thank everyone and show a look back at Raw moments. They introduce Vince McMahon. Vince insults fans for getting a plaque from a GoFund me page that Shane and Stephanie started, clearly kayfabe. Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out and stuns Shane and Vince. A beer bash ends the segment.

Analysis: Got the nostalgia feeling throughout this opening. Love seeing JR and King back. Even with Vince’s age, he can still be entertaining. Stone Cold is always the greatest.

Sasha Banks, Bayley, Mickie James and Asuka def. Absolution and Alicia Fox

Analysis: This match did not need to go so long. They took 2 commercial breaks during this match. It was average. Asuka attacking her partners after the match was at least unpredictable.

The Undertaker returns to the Manhattan Center.

Analysis: Great to see Undertaker back. The crowd’s reaction shows he is still the G.O.A.T. The speech The Undertake made was very ambiguous and his status for WrestleMania is still unknown.

The Miz def. Roman Reigns to regain the Intercontinental Championship

Analysis: I hope they let Daniel Bryan wrestle for one match against Miz at Wrestlemania. It looks like that’s where they were going here. The match was good and it was even better now that Miz is champ again. It also almost ensures Reigns will be somehow in the Universal Championship match at Mania.

The Peep Show segment with Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan.

Analysis: Entertaining segment only because Jason Jordan was getting chewed out by the crowd. Awesome that the peep show was back but sucked that Edge was not there.

Bray Wyatt def. Woken Matt Hardy

Analysis: I wish they could’ve waited until WrestleMania to do this match. However, I guess it’s okay since this is a special Raw show. It was an okay match though. JR and Lawler’s commentary kept me engaged in the match.

Elias performs and is interrupted by John Cena.

Analysis: First of all, a great backstage segment with Elias and Jericho. I thought Cena was just gonna beat him up and go home. Glad Elias stood tall after it was all said and done. Elias seems to be getting a big push, it will be intriguing to see his performance in the Royal Rumble.

Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. Titus O’Neal and Apollo Crews ended in a no contest.

Analysis: This match had no interest for me as it was going. I understand it was from the poker game with the APA but it was boring. Glad the Dudley Boyz came out to end my boredom. It was cool to see a faux ECW reunion between the Dudleys and Rhyno.

DX promo with Razor Ramon. The Balor Club confront them.

Analysis: Always great to see DX, especially Razor Ramon. How can they give the endorsement to The Balor Club when they aren’t even that interesting. I don’t believe they are in the same league as DX.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows def. The Revival.

Analysis: This was a pretty short match which I didn’t mind. It got to the point with DX and Razor taking The Revival out.

Braun Strowman, Kane and Brock Lesnar brawl.

Analysis: I expected more from this brawl. I was a little disappointed by it. Braun sending Brock through the table with the running power slam has been done. Hopefully, the title match at the Rumble will deliver.

Michael Pappas

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I have been a wrestling fan for almost 16 years and have a strong desire to be a part of it. I have been to countless events including 2 Summerslam's, a Survivor Series, a Royal Rumble and 3 Wrestlemania's.

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