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Welcome to the inagural Sports Al Dente WWE Power Rankings, highlighting the week that was in wrestling, and who stood out the most. The basis for making the power ranking list will be superstars that either had a great showing during the week whether in a match or during a segment or noticeably made a difference during Raw and SmackDown.

It’s an interesting week to start this out with Raw having a unique go home show, spending the opening two of its three-hour event on one gauntlet match. Here we go!

10. Ruby Riott

The Riott Squad seems to be sharing wins back and forth between Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Naomi. It was Ruby Riott who picked up the win in the six women tag match, pinning Lynch. They later announced that Riott earned a title shot against Flair at Fastlane, so not a bad week for her.

9. The Miz

Everyone who had a win in the gauntlet match, except for Seth Rollins, each earned one victory. Looking closer though, Elias won capitalizing on a fatigued Rollins, and Finn Balor preyed on a heavily bandaged up Elias, who was still suffering from getting hit by Braun Strowman’s bass. The Miz’s matchup with Balor was the only one after Rollins that saw two healthy guys, and Miz became victorious. He also did a great job selling his fear of Strowman by running through the crowd. The Miz went over and put over just as well.

8. Kevin Owens

Bouncing back from last week’s loss to Baron Corbin. Owens performed a great match with Dolph Ziggler, it was action packed, saw numerous signature moves, and a few kick outs at two and a half. Ultimately, Owens got the win because of the help from Sami Zayn, so Owens makes the list. They lastly attacked the opponents of the fatal five-way match, growing the progression of the battle for the championship before retaliation from Corbin.

7. A.J. Styles

The phenomenal one kicked off SmackDown to the crowd chanting so loud for his name that Renee Young had to stop her interview so AJ could acknowledge them. After that, he closed out the show putting on another typical awesome AJ match that saw him take the win over Baron Corbin. Styles has done well carrying along the WWE Championship storyline despite having his back against the wall against four other opponents.

6. Braun Strowman

Though he was the last participant in the gauntlet match, he did get the overall win. Strowman took out all of the Miztourage and followed that with what he normally does, numerous body slams in the middle of the ring. He then called out Brock Lesnar in a post-match promo, receiving a pop from the crowd. Everything Strowman has seemed to be doing lately results in a favorable review from all.

5. New Day

They are back in the title conversation! After a great match with Gable and Benjamin, the New Day was offered a shot for the tag team championships against the Usos at Fastlane. Their match was captivating from the beginning, and that speaks to the athleticism and work from all the participants in the match. No match or feud was better than New Day/Usos last year, so buckle up for another great ride.

4. Nia Jax

Jax is one of the first superstars to actually get the better of Asuka. It wasn’t a match of course, but even taking a segment where attacking her, made the undefeated Asuka look vulnerable. Jax has fantastically made herself the best threat to take down the Empress of Tomorrow.

3. Sami Zayn

No, he didn’t have a bout on Tuesday but he certainly made his staple on the show. Zayn started off by helping out Kevin Owens that directly led to KO’s win over Ziggler. Sami then followed this up by cutting an excellent backstage segment telling Owens he cares for him, rekindling their friendship that was a bit strained as of late. Zayn has laid down the seeds for a sooner than later turn by him or Owens. Which one turns remains to be seen. Zayn later joined his friend Owens in a post-match brawl to end the show, he was everywhere.

2. Sasha Banks

Much like Zayn, the Boss is working out her own friendship problems with Bayley. Everyone likes Banks as a heel, and it looks like they are teasing towards that. She had a wonderful performance in the main event, clearing the ring and countering an Alex Bliss DDT to make her tap out from the Bank Statement. Keep a lookout for Bayley and Sasha’s tension to blow up at Elimination Chamber.

1. Seth Rollins

He may not have won the gauntlet match but he had the most pins and spent the most amount of time in the two-hour segment. Seizing back to back thrilling wins over John Cena and Roman Reigns were the highlight of Raw. “Monday Night Rollins” is back for sure. Spending over an hour in the match and putting on two outstanding, emotional matches gives the Rollins then nod for the top spot.

Honorable Mention: Jinder Mahal, Apollo, Finn Balor

So there you have it. Week one is in the books for the Sports Al Dente power rankings. Next week brings a further build for SmackDown’s Fastlane pay per view, while the dust settles in the aftermath of Raw’s Elimination Chamber on Sunday.

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