Will Eric Kendricks Get A Contract Extension?

Eric Kendricks brings a ton of upside to the Chargers defense, but does the 31-year-old deserve a long-term deal? Vote within!

As the Los Angeles Chargers continue to build their roster, the signing of veteran linebacker Eric Kendricks to a two-year deal has raised questions about his long-term future with the team. With a wealth of experience and leadership, Kendricks brings a lot to the table, but will he receive a longer deal once his current contract expires?

Will The Chargers Offer Eric Kendricks A Longer Deal?

Kendricks’ veteran presence in the locker room is invaluable for the Chargers, offering stability and guidance to younger players. His leadership skills and ability to direct the defense on the field make him a key component of the team’s success. Not to mention he is one of the best offball linebackers in the league.

The Chargers’ linebacker room has lacked star power in recent seasons, and Kendricks’ arrival fills that void. He has effectively replaced Drue Tranquill, and his on-field impact could make him an integral part of the team’s defensive unit for years to come.

Another factor in favor of a potential longer deal for Kendricks is his role in mentoring young linebacker Kenneth Murray. Murray could develop into a star with Kendricks’ guidance, further solidifying the Chargers’ linebacker corps.

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However, age is a concern when considering Eric Kendricks’ long-term future with the team. As he progresses through his 30s, his ability to maintain a high level of play becomes increasingly uncertain. Comparing Kendricks’ career longevity to that of Bobby Wagner, who has remained a dominant force in the league, raises questions about whether Kendricks can maintain his performance as he ages.

As the Chargers evaluate Eric Kendricks’ future, they must weigh the benefits of his veteran presence and on-field impact against the potential decline due to age. The decision to offer a longer deal will ultimately depend on his performance over the next two years and the team’s assessment of his long-term value.