Will Cam Akers Get A 2nd Contract With The Rams

2023 is Cam Akers' last season on his rookie deal. Will the Rams offer him a second contract or let him walk in free agency?

As the Los Angeles Rams prepare for the 2023 NFL season, one key storyline to follow is the future of running back Cam Akers. After a strong finish to the 2022 season, Akers has established himself as a valuable young asset to the team. However, his second contract with the Rams remains uncertain, considering the team’s recent retooling and trade rumors.

Akers showcased his potential during the latter part of last season, becoming an integral part of the Rams’ offense. Even when the offense wasn’t clicking, he began to show a resurgence in the back half of the year. His ability as a receiver out of the backfield has made him a versatile weapon for the team.

Akers’ name was mentioned in trade rumors earlier this year, raising questions about his long-term future with the Rams. The team’s recent retooling, aimed at addressing weaknesses and improving overall depth, has left some speculating whether or not Akers will receive a second contract.

One factor working in Cam Akers’ favor is the lack of other strong running backs on the roster. The Rams’ running game has leaned heavily on Akers, and finding a replacement could prove challenging. As a second-round pick, the Rams have already invested significant draft capital in Akers. If Akers continues to perform at a high level, the organization may feel more inclined to extend his stay in Los Angeles. As we already saw with Darrell Henderson however, the Rams are willing to part with a back even despite success with the team.

Cam Akers

2023 is Cam Akers’ Last Year of his Rookie Deal

Cam Akers’ shaky return from injury raised concerns about his ability to maintain his previous form. While he has shown flashes of his pre-injury self, there are lingering doubts about whether he can fully regain his explosiveness and consistency. The Rams will undoubtedly monitor his progress closely, and his performance in the 2023 season will play a significant role in determining the likelihood of a second contract.

As the 2023 season unfolds, the Rams’ decision regarding Cam Akers’ future with the team will become clearer. If he can maintain his impressive form and prove his value to the franchise, the odds of receiving a second contract will increase.