Vote Now! Will Austin Ekeler Be A Charger By The Launch Of The 2023 Season?

Austin Ekeler wants a big-money contract. Can the Chargers afford to bring him back? Vote now!

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Austin Ekeler Was Granted Permission To Seek A Trade By The Chargers.

Will he get the payday he is looking for from the Chargers or another team?

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The Rock:

Austin Ekeler Chargers running wants to get paid akin to the top running backs in the league. He is that and his production proves he deserves that kind of money.

The Hard Place:

The Los Angles Chargers don’t have money to invest in a top-tier running back. They also don’t have deep-pocketed owners that can payout huge bonuses.

The Rub:

Running backs aren’t as valued as highly as they once were. Austin Ekeler wants a big long-term contract that will take him into his mid-30s. That hasn’t panned out well for teams that sign running backs in his age range.

Christian McCaffrey‘s current contract will be over before he turns 30. The Cowboys moved on from Ezekiel Elliott. Both Saquon Barkley and Josh Jacobs have been franchise tagged. Derrick Henry is showing signs of wear and tear at the age of 28. All these points to the truth of where teams want to invest their salary cap.

Austin Ekeler was a huge contributor to the Chargers offense and certainly a fan favorite. Can the Chargers afford to keep him? Or is the real question can they afford not to keep Austin Ekeler?

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