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Most NFL fans will agree with the claim that preseason games exist for one reason: to kill time while waiting for the “real” games to start. However, the Broncos and Vikings matchup is shaping up to be an epic show from start to finish.

6 Reasons Why Broncos And Vikings Preseason Matchup Is Must-see Football

1) Case Keenum’s Debut

This game will be the first time that Denver’s new quarterback Case Keenum will be seen in a live game while wearing Denver colors. Granted, he will only be playing a series or two, but it will give the world a taste of what to expect from Denver’s new signal caller this year.

2) Keenum Vs Cousins

Not only is this Keenum’s first chance to show Broncos fans why they should be excited about the season but it is also Keenum’s best chance to show his old Vikings team why they should have saved some money and simply kept him. Although Keenum and his successor Kirk Cousins will not be dueling for more than a series or two, it will still give Keenum a great opportunity to clearly show the Vikings that should not have pushed him out of the door.

3) Chad Kelly and Rookie Debuts

The game will also give a first look at Denver’s revamped defense in the post-Aqib Talib era. Additionally, it will give the Broncos a first look at their new first-round pick Bradley Chubb in action. On the offensive side of things, this will be Denver’s first look at their new wide receivers Courtland Sutton and DaeSean Hamilton as well as running back Royce Freeman among other new acquisitions. The game should also feature some of Chad Kelly, the quarterback who was around in 2017 but spent most of the season on injured reserve and never played a down in the preseason or otherwise made a game-day roster.   

4) Big Defenses In Denver

Also happening in the first couple of series will be the No Fly Zone squaring off against the formidable Vikings defense. Both defenses have finished a season ranked first in the league since 2015 and will be competing for the same honor this year. This game gives each squad a very early shot to take a lead in the conversation.

A Dense First Quarter

Between Case Keenum’s debut against Kirk Cousins as well as all of the rookie debuts in addition to a battle of two top-five defenses, there will be a lot going on during the first few series of the game. While the early-game should be enough to entice many Broncos fans into turning the game on, the battle of the backups should keep them watching until the final snap.

5) Siemian’s Revenge

Ex-starter and Bronco Trevor Siemian, fresh off of a mid-season meltdown in 2017, will be looking to prove that he did not deserve to be kicked to the curb at the end of last season. He should get an extended shot to do so in this game once Cousins finishes his reps.

6) Paxton Lynch Vs Trevor Siemian, Round 3

Siemian’s opponent will be none other than ex-teammate Paxton Lynch. Lynch competed with Siemian for the starting job in 2016 and 2017, losing the job both years. Although the quarterback competition is now over, this game will bring their battle to a new stage. As this is likely the last time that Siemian and Lynch will compete against each other for anything, this matchup will serve as the conclusion to the Siemian-Lynch trilogy and leave a lasting impression as to who is the better of the two.

Both defenses have finished a season ranked first in the league since 2015 and will be competing for the same honor this year. This game gives each squad a very early shot to take a lead in the conversation.

In the end, this game has the makings of a truly spectacular affair. As far as preseason games go, this is one that Broncos fans cannot afford to miss.

Ian Van Roy

Author Ian Van Roy

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