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Who To Take At 126? Predicting The Rams 4th Round Pick 

With rounds two and three mapped out, here are the round 4 scenarios to the Rams 4th round pick.

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Scenario #1

Round 2 

Pick 52: Austin Jackson, OT – USC

Pick 57: Michael Pittman Jr., WR – USC

Round 3

Pick 84: Darrell Taylor, Edge- Tennessee

Pick 104: Amik Robertson, CB Louisiana Tech

Round 4 

Pick 126: Logan Wilson, LB Wyoming

The mock drafters have this guy all over the place, as high as the 2nd round and as low as going undrafted. The reason for this mercurial draft placement is because of Wilson’s biggest weakness; his perceived inability to drop back into man coverage. He is seen as not athletic enough to keep up with the George Kittles and the Travis Kelces of the world, much less a slot receiver, which admittedly is a big problem. Wilson is seen as an old school linebacker and if the NFL was still playing run-heavy old school football, he would undoubtedly be a first-round pick. 

An argument can be made that Wyoming is still playing old school football. In 2019, the Cowboys were the 12th ranked run defense in college football and the 105th in passing defense. They primarily ran zone coverage last season. Wilson has shown an improvement year over year and has a high football I.Q. So it should stand that he would develop the skills to get the jump in man coverage. 

On the other side, he is a beast against the run. He never misses tackles. He is the definition of having a nose-for-the-football. He was a three year team captain at Wyoming. There isn’t a lot to dislike about this guy. If he is still available in the fourth round the Rams would be smart to scoop this kid up.

Scenario #2

Round 2 

Pick 52: Damon Arnette, CB – Ohio State

Pick 57: Julian Okwara, Edge – Notre Dame

Round 3

Pick 84: Bryan Edwards, WR South Carolina

Pick 104: Evan Weaver, LB CAL

Round 4

Pick 126: Darrynton Evans, RB Appalachian State

“What we want to be is a team that utilizes more than just one workhorse running the ball, have a different genre of skill sets and a complementary-type running game,” Snead said. There you have it, straight from the horses’ mouth. The Rams need to add another back to the mix in order to truly have a running back committee because Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown have binary skill sets. 

Evans looks like a good compliment to the current running backs. He’s a big threat on the outside with his one-cut explosiveness and can be utilized as a pass-catcher. He caught 21 passes for 198 yards and five touchdowns last season at Appalachian State. His 24 all-purpose TD’s ranked third in the country. He protected the ball through it all. Evans didn’t lose a fumble in his entire college career. He also found success as a kick returner. 

While he is a home run hitter on the outside, he lacks the size to push the pile or break tackles when running up the gut and has difficulty in pass protection. But, this is why he is a compliment to Henderson and Brown. Brown is a great blocker and power back up the middle and Henderson is slippery when evading tackles. 

The Rams have met with three running backs in preparation for the draft. Zach Moss, Joshua Kelley and Evans. From a “fit” and skill perspective, Evans is the way to go. Moss is a great addition to any team looking to add a RB, but he could go much higher in the draft, higher than the Rams should take a running back. Kelley will require far too much development to make an impact initially. Evans is ready to play pro football and could potentially challenge Henderson for the starting role.

Scenario #3

Round 2

Pick 52: Josh Uche, Edge – Michigan

Pick 57: Damon Arnette, CB – Ohio State

Round 3

Pick 84: Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB- LSU

Pick 104: Evan Weaver, LB  CAL

Round 4

Pick 126: Calvin Throckmorton, G Oregon

In 2019, the Rams offensive line was plagued with injuries all season. It forced linemen to play musical chairs. That would suit Calvin Throckmorton just fine. At Oregon in 2018, Throckmorton started at every position on the line except for left guard and played at center and both left and right tackle at the 2020 Senior Bowl. While a swiss army knife is fun, an NFL offensive lineman needs to be more like a machete than a pocket knife. In the pro’s he will be best suited to play in the interior. 

The interior line just so happens to be where the Rams need more competent depth. Both Brian Allen and Joe Noteboom suffered season-ending injuries and their back up’s didn’t cut the mustard and it wasn’t like Allen and Noteboom were getting the job done either.

Throckmorton isn’t projected to be a plug and play lineman right off the bat, but he is whip-smart. He graduated Oregon with a 3.84 GPA majoring in Human Physiology and plans to finish his education and become an orthopedic surgeon after his playing career is over. This earned him the nickname Doc Throck among his fellow Ducks.

Within a good organization, smart players tend to excel, especially on the offensive line. Other than having short arms, his weaknesses can be worked away and could be coached into a quality starting guard. 

The bottom line is that if the Rams don’t take an offensive lineman in the second or third round, they will have to grab one in the fourth round if they want any chance at improving their line this season. 

NFL Linebacker Prospect Logan Wilson. Photo Credit: Troy Babbitt & University Of Wyoming Athletics | LAFB Network Graphic

NFL Linebacker Prospect Logan Wilson. Photo Credit: Troy Babbitt & University Of Wyoming Athletics | LAFB Network Graphic

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