Who Should Be The Chargers Starting Cornerback In 2023?

JC Jackson or Asante Samuel Jr.? Vote on who will be the Chargers starting cornerback in 2023

The LA Chargers face a tough decision regarding their starting cornerback position for the upcoming season. J.C. Jackson and Asante Samuel Jr. both bring different strengths and weaknesses to the table. Let’s examine the factors that could influence the team’s decision and ask fans who they believe should be the Chargers starting cornerback.

Will JC Jackson Or Asante Samuel Jr. Be The Chargers Starting Cornerback? Vote Below!

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JC Jackson

Jackson joined the Chargers roster after a successful stint with the New England Patriots. However, he struggled to adapt to the Chargers’ defensive system last season and was sidelined by an injury. Despite these setbacks, Jackson is a proven talent and could potentially thrive if given another opportunity in the Chargers’ defense.

Asante Samuel Jr.

Samuel has been a pleasant surprise to the Chargers depth chart since being drafted in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft. He has demonstrated solid coverage skills and appears to be a better scheme fit for head coach Brandon Staley’s defensive system. Samuel Jr.’s impressive rookie season and improvement last year suggests that he may continue to start over Jackson when he returns.