Vote Now: Who Is The Most Important 2023 Rams Free Agent That They Must Resign?

The Rams free agent list is filled with tough decisions. We would love to hear from you. Who are the most important re-signings the Rams have to make?

Who Is The Most Important 2023 LA Rams Free Agent That They Must Resign?

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Rams Free Agent: Taylor Rapp Photo Credit:

Rams Free Agent: Taylor Rapp

If you’ve spent any time on Rams Twitter you think you know the answer to this one already. The Twitter GMs have already cut Taylor Rapp several times over. But there is actually a very strong numbers-based argument to be made for why the LA Rams should keep him.

Rapp had the third most tackles on the team and also the lowest missed tackle percentage for the Rams. He missed 6.3 percent of attempted tackles. The lowest rate among all Rams defensive backs. In coverage, he did give up one of the highest completion percentages among Rams defensive backs, but coverage isn’t his strong suit. He has been playing out of position because of Jordan Fuller’s injuries. But despite operating outside of his skill set, he held down the fort. He only gave up 7.5 yards on the 35 receptions that he did allow. The longest catch he allowed was just 19 yards. He allowed just 169 yards after the catch.

So for all the shouting about Rapp that happened this season, he had a good season that was on par or better than he has played in his career.

That said, the Rams have not gone out of their way to resign even better defensive back talent with John Johnson being the most shocking. The Rams have invested heavily in the draft over the last several seasons and will continue to have to do so if they don’t resign Rapp. But they also will need big leaps from the guys they have drafted. A big reason Aubrey Pleasant has been re-hired.

Rams Free Agent: Greg Gaines Photo Credit: Brevin Townsell | LA Rams

Rams Free Agent: Greg Gaines

Greg Gaines is the kind of Rams draft pick that fans rave about and the national media just doesn’t understand. A fourth-round project. First two seasons, a handful of snaps. Then, BOOM, a quality starter. He was instrumental in the Rams Super Bowl run in 2021. It seemed like when the Rams needed a big play Gaines was there to make it or lend a hand.

This season he was the one constant presence on the defensive line. Both A’Shawn Robinson and Aaron Donald missed a good amount of games. Gaines did regress from his 2021 season from both a run defense standpoint as well as pressuring the quarterback. He went from generating 38 pressures to just 16. Obviously, there are a lot of factors at play, not the least of which is no longer playing alongside the best player in the game, but some of the ownership falls on Gaines himself.

The reality for the Rams is that both Gaines and Robinson are free agents this offseason. It seems to be widely believed that Robinson won’t be resigned. The depth chart behind Gaines and Robinson is unproven with Jonah Williams and Marquise Copeland having the most experience. If the Rams don’t pursue Gaines in free agency, it means they are betting that one of those two is the next Greg Gaines. It’s a bet the Rams have won before and very well may make again. But with Gaines, betting on him will be a relatively cheap bet.

Rams Free Agents: Nick Scott Photo Credit: Brevin Townsell | LA Rams
Rams Free Agents: Nick Scott Photo Credit: Brevin Townsell | LA Rams

Rams Free Agent: Nick Scott

If Greg Gaines is one of the quintessential Rams draft picks, Nick Scott is among the ultimates. From seventh-rounder to starter in about two seasons. Not only that, but he continues to show that when the team needs him the most, they can rely on him even more. He came up with two interceptions in the playoffs in 2021 and this was when both Fuller and Rapp were injured. This season he stepped in for Fuller again when he went down for the season in Week 4.

Has he been the best safety in the league? Nope. Which will help the Rams retain him. Being a decent defensive back from the seventh round, he won’t fetch a lot on the open market. Assuming that Rapp isn’t resigned, Scott will mean a lot more to the Rams than he will to any other team. Scott will be the most veteran player in the defensive backfield outside of Jalen Ramsey. (Troy Hill was signed as a one-year bandaid)

The Rams can’t lose both Scott and Rapp. Scott will be the more affordable option at the end of the day.

Rams Free Agent: David Edwards Photo Credit:

Rams Free Agent: David Edwards

The Rams offensive line may be the most in-flux position group in all of football. I don’t need to rehash the lineups and litany of injuries, but of the 15 offensive linemen that played a snap for the Rams, six are free agents. There are three from the 2021 season and three that were added to try to field five healthy players. So even when all the guys get healthy, there will be a lot to sort out.

David Edwards has two things going for him; He’s young and he’s cheap. His stock may be higher since he did play on the Super Bowl-winning team, but he was also the weakest link. He allowed 35 pressures and six sacks. Both numbers rank him toward the bottom among guards. Edwards earned the starting spot heading into the season, but only played in four games before getting hurt.

Depending on who else the Rams decided to bring back, Edwards will have plenty of competition, including Logan Bruss. The Rams will have to re-sign a few linemen and Edwards will likely be one they can hold on to.