Which Rams Running Back Lead The Team In Receiving Yards?

Rams Running Back Darrell Henderson Photo Credit: Jeff Lewis | LA Rams
Rams Running Back Darrell Henderson Photo Credit: Jeff Lewis | LA Rams

Which Rams Running Back Will End The 2022 Season With The Most Receiving Yards?

The Rams‘ offense hasn’t been known for throwing the ball to its running backs. But with the backs that they have on their roster, including freshly drafted golden domer, Kyren Williams, it begs the question why not?

I’m sure Sean McVay could give you a whole list of reasons why not. Not that he is entirely opposed to the idea. In 2017, the Rams targetted Todd Gurley 85 times resulting in 68
798 yards and six touchdowns.

But that isn’t what we are here to debate. What we want to know is which running back will lead the Rams in receiving yards. Cast your vote at the end of this page and if you have strong opinions, join the debate!

The Case for Darrell Henderson

Among these backs, Henderson has the most evidence of being a productive pass catcher. Last season, he was the leader among Rams running backs. He caught 32 passes at a 6.8-yard average for 10 first downs and three touchdowns. He didn’t break many catches for huge gains but he did catch three passes for over 20 yards. Including one in the Super Bowl. His 25-yard catch set up a Cooper Kupp touchdown reception just two plays later. He also caught a 15-yard pass in the third quarter for a first down. That also resulted in points on the board for the Rams, which would not have been possible if not for that catch.

Henderson also had a good season catching the ball in 2020. He caught 16 passes for 9.9 yards per catch and half of those catches resulted in first downs. In his senior season at Memphis, Henderson averaged  15.5 yards per catch.

The one big drawback for Henderson is his injury risk. The Rams have to use him wisely and given his pass pro abilities, catching the ball may not be the top priority.

The Case for Kyren Williams

Williams’ case is a little harder to make as we haven’t seen who he is on a professional football field. But his production in college was impressive and he was also used in the slot, not just out of the backfield. We saw McVay toying with the idea of playing with an empty backfield. Williams is the type you could line up in the backfield and motion him to the slot.

Williams’ college career in pass-catching was good. In two years as a starter, he averaged over 8.5 yards per catch and collected over 300 yards. Depending on how McVay envisions using the rookie, Williams may be the best bet as the receiving leader among the running backs.

The Case for Cam Akers

Akers’ case is a tough one to make. He didn’t have impressive college production and hasn’t been the main target out of the backfield as a Ram. The one thing that may raise eyebrows is his home run ability. For the number of passes he has caught, a good amount were for big gains. In 2020, he caught passes for 19, 22, 38, and 44. With these and 10 other catches he complied 12.4 yards per catch, seventh-best in the league Of course, in the Wild Card game against the Cardinals, he caught a 40-yard pass from Odell Beckham Jr.

If Akers can pop off catches like that, he could have the cheat code to win this bet.

Rams Running Back Darrell Henderson Photo Credit: Jeff Lewis | LA Rams

Rams Running Back Darrell Henderson Photo Credit: Jeff Lewis | LA Rams