Which Ram Will Look The Best Wearing # 0?

The NFL now allows players to wear No. 0. Which Ram should make the switch to Zero?

As the NFL has relaxed its rules on jersey numbers, players have been quick to react to the changes. The number 0 has generated some buzz, and speculation is rife as to which Los Angeles Ram (if any) will don the unique jersey this upcoming season.

The NFL Now Allows Players To Wear # 0.

The likelihood of a skill position player or cornerback wearing the #0 is high, as these positions often gravitate towards single-digit numbers to stand out on the field. A wide receiver, running back, or cornerback sporting the number could quickly become a fan favorite.

It is worth noting that running back Cam Akers already switched his jersey number, so it’s unlikely that he will be the one to claim #0. Quarterback Matthew Stafford, already entrenched as a franchise icon with his #9, is also not expected to make a change. Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp have brands that integrate their current numbers, so it’s unlikely it’ll be them as well.

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Another possibility is that the Rams’ new kicker, punter, or returner might choose to wear #0. These positions, while not as high-profile as skill players, can still generate excitement with their unique jersey number choice.

Whether it’s a star player or a special teamer, the individual who claims the iconic number will undoubtedly make a statement on the field.