Chargers Draft Debate: Which Position Will They Take First?

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Chargers Draft Debate: Which Position Will They Pick First?

Chargers Draft Debate: Which Position Will They Take First?

We have officially arrived at draft week and the rumors are swirling like crazy this morning. Travon Walker is now considered the favorite to go first overall after making yet another surge. Apparently, Jaguars general manager Trent Baalke loves him and is reminded of the time he selected Aldon Smith – since that worked out so well for him. As always, draft week = lying week but there is a lot of relevant draft buzz out there as reporters like Todd McShay, Daniel Jeremiah, Albert Breer, and the legendary Peter King are putting a bow on their draft coverage this week.

As for the Chargers at 17, they will likely be in waiting mode. This draft is not considered a loaded one by any means, but if a couple of teams end up taking quarterbacks then the Chargers could still land one of the premier players in the class. I’ve seen a few reports that most teams have around 13-15 first-round graded players in this class, which feels about right.

Chargers Draft 2022, Who Do They Take??

I have 15 such grades on my own board, a few of which should be available to the Chargers, and I wanted to highlight a few of them before we get to the poll below. My affinity for Boston College offensive lineman Zion Johnson is well known at this point. I have him at number five overall on my big board. 17 appears to be the start of his draft range. Michigan defensive back Daxton Hill is my last first-round graded prospect. A lot of media members have speculated Washington cornerback Trent McDuffie could be a possibility for the Chargers at 17, and he very well could end up being the selection, but Hill is a better player for my money and would offer more upside as a slot/safety hybrid option in Brandon Staley’s defense. Johnson and Hill are the most likely players in my top 15 to be on the board when the Chargers come on the clock and I would be thrilled with either one.

A Receiver For Justin Herbert?

Pretty much every Chargers fan wants them to land Alabama wide receiver Jameson Williams and I agree that he would be a fantastic selection that could truly transform the offense with Justin Herbert. He is my 14th overall player but his speed profile dictates that he should go in the top 12 of the draft (IE Henry Ruggs, Jaylen Waddle, John Ross, etc.), and with his latest health update that should only further cement his status there.

The Need For Right Tackle

The elephant in the room for the Chargers, of course, is the right tackle position. I will maintain that Matt Feiler is more likely to start there than either Storm Norton or Trey Pipkins are. Still, it remains a possibility the Chargers use their first-round pick on one of this draft’s options. McShay and King each floated the idea of them potentially trading up for Northern Iowa’s Trevor Penning, which would be a disastrous outcome in my opinion. Penning is the 6th ranked tackle (behind Abraham Lucas and Bernhard Raimann), and the 41st overall player on my big board.

That being said, the position the Chargers end up drafting is very much up in the air. Let us know what you think by voting in the poll below!

Chargers Draft Debate Poll:

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Chargers Draft Debate: Which Position Will They Take First? Images of Trevor Penning (left) and Jameson Williams (right).