Bennett vs Duggan? Which Rookie LA Backup QB Will Perform Better In 2023?

LA Backup QBs: Both teams got 'em. Who has the edge?

The journey from college football to the NFL is an exhilarating transition for young quarterbacks, as they adapt to the faster pace and heightened competition of the professional level. Two notable quarterbacks who recently met in the College Football Championship at SoFi Stadium have now landed with the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers.

Stetson Bennett, the underdog hero from the University of Georgia, and Max Duggan, the dual-threat playmaker from TCU, are now LA backup QBs. While their chances of seeing regular-season action may be slim, it begs the question: Which of these promising rookies will shine brighter in their respective squads?

The Battle Of LA Backup QBs

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Stetson Bennett The Resilient Bulldog

Bennett captured the hearts of college football fans with his tenacity and resilience during his time at the University of Georgia. Despite facing adversity and doubters, Bennett showcased his leadership and clutch performances, guiding the Bulldogs to the College Football Championship twice and winning two championships.

Now donning the blue and gold of the Los Angeles Rams, Bennett brings his determined mindset and valuable experience to the NFL. While he may be buried on the depth chart behind Matthew Stafford and Brett Rypien, his work ethic and commitment to improvement make him an intriguing prospect for the future. If given the opportunity, Bennett’s mental toughness and ability to handle pressure situations could make a significant impact on the Rams’ preseason outings.

LA Backup QB
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Max Duggan: The Versatile Charger:

Max Duggan, known for his dual-threat capabilities at TCU, brings a unique skill set to the Los Angeles Chargers. With his ability to extend plays with his legs and make accurate throws on the move, Duggan presents a challenge for opposing defenses. While the Chargers have an established starter in Justin Herbert, Duggan’s athleticism and playmaking ability are valuable to the team’s preseason performances. With the opportunity to showcase his skills in limited playing time, Duggan could impress with his dynamic style of play and potentially carve out a role within the Chargers’ offense during the preseason.

Preseason Expectations and Beyond:

It’s important to note that both Bennett and Duggan are unlikely to see significant regular-season action in their rookie year, given the presence of established starters on their respective teams. However, the preseason provides an ideal platform for them to showcase their abilities, impress coaches and fans, and potentially earn future opportunities.

In evaluating who will have the better rookie year, it becomes a matter of personal judgment. Stetson Bennett’s experience and proven resilience may give him an edge regarding mental fortitude and readiness for pressure situations. On the other hand, Max Duggan’s versatility and dual-threat capabilities could make him a standout performer in preseason action, leaving a lasting impression on the Chargers’ coaching staff.

Ultimately, the path to success for both rookies lies in their ability to soak up knowledge from their experienced teammates, work diligently in practice, and make the most of their opportunities when they arise.

As Stetson Bennett and Max Duggan embark on their NFL journeys with the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers, respectively, the question of who will have the better rookie year remains open.