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Former Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin

When news broke on Friday that the Chiefs had released Jeremy Maclin it came as a surprise to the majority of us. With that being said let’s take a look at a few of the teams that are good fits for Maclin’s services.

Baltimore Ravens:

Since losing Torrey Smith in free agency to the 49ers a few seasons back the passing game for Joe Flacco and company hasn’t been where it should be. With the reported injury of Dennis Pitta and not much depth at the WR position, adding a veteran talent like Maclin would immediately give Flacco a go-to receiver who can carry the passing game.

New Orleans Saints:

Trading Brandin Cooks might have come as a shock at the time, but with Michael Thomas’s breakout season it’s understandable. Adding a dominant pass catcher to the fold in Maclin would complement Thomas’s field stretching ability like none other. Imagining Thomas streaking down the field on a fade and Maclin running a 10-yard curl would make Drew Brees salivate.

Los Angeles Rams:

The lack of offensive weapons and firepower outside of Todd Gurley is a HUGE concern for the future of the franchise. Adding an upper echelon receiver would bolster the offense greatly. Keep in mind that the Rams have hinged their future on Jared Goff, and if he is to develop into the All-Pro QB the front office sees him as, they need to give him some guys to work with. As of now, they have no one that is proven.

Buffalo Bills:

The Bills cut ties with Robert Woods and have now put themselves in an awkward position. Sammy Watkins is on the threshold of becoming elite, but injuries have held him back, Tyrod Taylor has regressed mightily since his success 2 seasons ago. Pairing Watkins up with Jeremy Maclin gives Tyrod Taylor the ability to spread the ball out more and return to the success that he had a couple seasons ago, and in turn giving Buffalo a fighting chance to make the postseason for the first time in 17 years.


Buffalo Bills. The allure of again playing with his good friend LeSean McCoy on a playoff contending team will be too much to resist. Whether or not this will correlate to regular season success is unknown, but it certainly will not hurt for Buffalo to add another deadly passing game weapon to the fold.

Josh LaFond

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