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The Seattle Seahawks continue to chase the Los Angeles Rams for the top spot in the NFC West and their next opponent is against the high-flying Philadelphia Eagles at CenturyLink Field.

The Seahawks come into this game as one of the most feared teams in the NFC, especially on their home field; the Philadelphia Eagles, on the other hand, are no slouch themselves. In fact, in some ways, you can compare their run this season to when the Seahawks took the next step under quarterback Russell Wilson. Eagles quarterback, Carson Wentz has shown Wilson like qualities in his second season and is a leading candidate for NFL MVP.

What To Expect From Eagles-Seahawks

What To Watch For

There are a couple of things to watch for this game, including some big player matchups. But let’s start with the Seahawks defense.

This unit is one of the best in the league, despite losing many star players to injuries. But the true test of this defense will come against the mighty offense of the Eagles. In fact, the biggest offensive weapon for the Eagles might be their running game, as six different Eagles have scored a touchdown for this team, and players like LeGarrette Blount have come up big when they needed to.

The running game won’t be the only things the Seahawks need to worry about, the Eagles passing game is certainly a formidable one. Since signing with Philadelphia, Alshon Jeffery has struggled a bit but has started to find his grove. Over the last four game he has played, he’s hauled in 17 passes for 265 yards and five touchdowns. Jeffery is becoming a big target for Wentz and if the Seahawks expect to win, they need to find a way to shut him down or prevent him from making big plays.

Zach Ertz is another name to look for in this matchup. He’s come into his own at the tight end position and he’s currently second on the team in receiving yards behind Jeffery. He’s on track to set a new career-high in the category. He’s also third in DYAR, third in receptions with 55, and second in touchdowns with seven. Those are impressive numbers, and the Seattle defense would be wise to take note of it.

Airing It Out

As for the Seahawks, there’s one thing they should avoid on Sunday against the Eagles, and that’s running the ball. It has been a source of frustration for this team the last two seasons and one that resulted in two bad home games this season. Plus, the Eagles have a talented defense that can stop the run as good as anyone. So the key for the Seahawks will be the passing game. Look for both Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham to have big games. Also, look for Wilson to move out of the pocket a lot more as the Eagles defense has been known to get after people.

What Could Happen

The Eagles are sitting comfortably atop the NFC East. That same can’t be said for the Seahawks, who are still chasing the Rams to get that top spot in the West. They understand what’s at stake and they can’t afford to lose at home, not if they hope to keep the Rams within reach.

Expect the Seahawks to move the ball in this one and do just enough to eke out a win at home on Sunday. They’ll have the crowd behind them, which could make it hard on Wentz and may prove to be the X-factor they need.

There’s no denying what the Eagles have done this year. They’ve played well and if they continue to do so, they’ll win their division with ease. The Link is a difficult place to play, and the Seahawks have a lot to lose. If all the cards fall in Seattle’s favor at home, they should get the win on Sunday and keep pace in a tough NFC West.

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