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What do the 1-7 New York Giants do now? Fans are aware that the season is in shambles and the hopes of making the playoffs are out of reach. Of course, injuries haven’t helped the issue of their poor record this season, but are we so sure they would’ve been successful even if everyone was healthy? It seems like the head coach, Ben McAdoo, is not helping the teams current situation. In fact, he may even be making it worse.

Issues With McAdoo

It’s fair to say McAdoo is in over his head. In the beginning of the season, his coaching was mediocre. There were a couple instances where McAdoo could have opted for a field goal but instead went for it on fourth down. When the Giants fail to convert and proceed to lose the game later on by three, it’s frustrating.

After starting off the season 0-5, McAdoo handed over the offensive play-calling responsibilities to the offensive coordinator, Mike Sullivan. Too little too late, Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall were both placed on injured reserve and all seemed lost at this point. His issues with the locker room are worrisome as well, but his coaching decisions seem to be more of a problem.

What Should Be Done

Fans of the Giants organization feel depleted at this point. Truth be told, it’s hard as a fan to even watch Giants’ games anymore. There needs to be a shake-up somewhere within the team, and it starts with McAdoo. He should finish out the rest of this season with the team and then both sides should part ways for good. The next step for the Giants would be to look for suitable candidates for the head coaching position. This team has a lot of talent, and they deserve a coach who will know how to utilize it.

Consider This…

Eventually, Eli Manning will retire. When that time comes, the Giants will need a quarterback to take over once the two-time Super Bowl champion hangs it up. Maybe they will make a move in free agency within the next few years. Otherwise, the organization has some serious scouting to do if they want to draft a potential franchise quarterback. Whenever they do decide to make a move on a replacement for Manning, they should really consider the head coach and quarterback connection. Think about Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Between those two there is a lot of success and multiple rings. This is what the Giants should strive for.

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