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The Los Angeles Rams are coming off a Super Bowl victory, but the work never ends. With the 2022 NFL Draft just around the corner, the team needs to figure out what it needs. Luckily, thanks to a great free agency period, the team is only left with a few spots to work on and has plenty of picks to use. However, since the picks are late, the team will need to take multiple shots at the same position several times.

As a win-now team, depth comes secondary to pieces that can potentially help right now. That said, here’s a look at each of the team’s priorities in the NFL Draft, based on what the roster looks like.

What Are The Los Angeles Rams Priorities In The 2022 NFL Draft?

Round Three, No. 104: Running Back

With the Rams’ first selection in the 2022 NFL Draft, the team should take a good, hard look at getting a running back. Compared to every other position group, the running backs will be the least depleted on the board. As such, in combination with Cam Akers and Darrell Henderson’s injury-riddled 2021 season fresh on the mind, the team could add some additional firepower. Also, with Sony Michel now gone, it makes sense for the team to add a potential starter to lump in with Henderson and Akers.

Round Four, No. 142 and Round Five, No. 175: Cornerback

Cornerback took the biggest hit during free agency with Darious Williams now gone. As such, the team’s second-biggest priority is to get a cornerback that could help mask his loss. Williams went undrafted, so a fourth and fifth-round pick could be enough to find someone even better. Of course, nothing is guaranteed in the NFL Draft.

In 2021, Williams posted a decent 65.3 PFF Grade but failed to get an interception. After spending two picks on cornerbacks, the team is hoping it can get this level of production from whoever ascends this year.

Round Six, No. 211 | Round Six, No. 212 | Round Six, No. 218: Right Guard/Right Tackle

With Andrew Whitworth retired, the Rams need additional bodies in the blocking room. If the team wants Stafford to remain protected, they need to make this a priority. Spending one sixth-round pick almost never works out. However, throwing three picks at the problem should take care of it while also boosting the depth. After spending three picks on the future of the position, the Rams have a fighting chance of finding someone of starter quality. However, expecting to get another Andrew Whitworth is still likely too much to ask. However, that is not the main goal. Of course, if it happens, great. In the end, adding someone noticeably better than Bobby Evans is the bar.

Round Seven, No. 238 | Round Seven, No. 253: Tight End

If three offensive line picks do not settle the issue, the team could also take a long look at a blocking or receiving tight end. While Tyler Higbee has been productive, he didn’t pop like many expected after the team moved on from Gerald Everett. Without a big battle over targets between the two, many thought Higbee would double his production. Instead, he still finished several hundred yards short of a career-best season.

Adding additional prospects could light a fire under Higbee while also boosting the depth behind him. This will be in the seventh round, so nothing could change in the roster after these picks. However, it could boost production or find a better weapon to pair with Higbee as it is clear that he wasn’t a “George Kittle” in disguise.

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