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Week 13 wrapped up with a violently ugly Monday Night Football game between two AFC North rivals that was getting hard to watch due to cheap shots and unfortunately injuries. The night before, the week 13 Al Dente Dude put on a performance that left us in awe and the beauty of the game was on full display thanks to him.  Even though he has done it time and time again we can’t help but stare every time he drops back.

The past couple of weeks have presented us with tough decisions when it came to bestowing this title to its rightful owner. However, the choice this week was almost as clear as the winner’s complexion. Congratulations Russell Wilson on being named the Week 13 Al Dente Dude!

The Philadelphia Eagles flew into Seattle on Sunday night with a 10-1 record and a 9 game winning streak. When they left they were 10-2 and significantly cooled off. Wilson came away hotter than ever and I don’t just mean on the field.

The 5’11 dreamboat threw for 227 yards and three touchdowns and added 31 yards on the ground. Carson Wentz was overshadowed on the field by Wilson and the royal doppelganger was even outmatched in the eye candy department.

Player Profile
Player Profile

Name: Russell Wilson

DOB: November 29, 1988

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 215 Pounds

College: NC State, Wisconsin

NFL Draft: Round 3, Pick 75

NFL Team: Seattle Seahawks

Like usual, Wilson left us wanting more as his electric play led his Seahawks to victory as they stayed within one game of the NFC West-leading Rams and they control their own fate when it comes to making the playoffs.

He also continues to be driving hero in the community and changes the lives of many young fans on the daily.

The MVP buzz around Wilson may be louder than ever following his Eagle carving tutorial but in reality, every other award takes a backseat once the crown of Al Dente Dude has been donned. Congratulations Russell, keep making defenders miss tackles and making our hearts miss beats.

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