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Great football was played by the Buccaneers at home in their final game of the 2017 season, by upsetting the Saints 31-24. The win might have been the deciding factor to keep Dirk Koetter. After the game was the when the real fireworks happened.

Nothing like great coaches beef right? It’s hilarious how they have to keep a straight pleasant face in front of all the cameras, but in between everything they’re giving lip to one another. You can see that by the way Sean Payton is smacking Koetter on the shoulder.

This obviously had to do with the fight that happened back in New Orleans revolving around Mike Evan’s hit that lead to an all out brawl. Clearly it was still on Payton’s mind as well as Koetter’s. To what specifically was Payton’s problem is hard to pick up in the video, but maybe we can find out more as this progresses on.

There’s a difference between a rivalry and teams that just flat out don’t like each other. In order for a rivalry, you got to have two opposing sides that are A) Successful, and B) Have a legitimate chance to defeat your opponent. It can’t be so one sided.

For example, the Steelers and Ravens are rivals, they are always competing for the AFC North title. On the other hand, the Patriots and Jets are team’s that just hate the other side. The Patriots normally always defeat the Jets and we know how they’ve run the division over the last decade.

The Saints and Buccaneers would fall into that “team’s that don’t like each other” category. But you have to admit, the fact that these coaches aren’t too happy with their colleague gives this feud some juice.

Since they are NFC South neighbors it makes it all that much better. We get to see that exciting post game midfield hand shake two times a year and wonder what they will do next. Will it be cordial? Will they continue to detest the other? So much intensity for a 5 second hand shake. And you know what? The league could use it.

You can’t help but think about other dramatic coaching beefs. They usually revolve around Jim Harbaugh of all people.

First you had Harbaugh against Pete Carroll, the then USC coach had a problem with Harbaugh’s Stanford running up the score. This beef festered into the NFL when both were in the NFC West Divisions. It Included Richard Sherman fighting with Harbaugh, his former head coach.

Next up you had Harbaugh against Lion’s coach Jim Schwartz, who, was not in favor of his over the top handshake after a late 4th quarter victory for the 49ers.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s been a while since we had coaches really go at it arguing over something. The keeping of Koetter’s job at least gives us another year to tune in and see if there is more animosity.

Now the Buccaneers can think about it all until the summer, but the Saints have larger sights set on the horizon as they return to playoffs for the 1st time since 2013.

We can hit pause on this now but it’s definitely something to keep mind of next time they meet. Hopefully we get a few more headlines, and maybe they can meet inside the ring. I’d take Payton in that one, he’s never shied away from giving or taking prize money, if you know what I mean.

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