We Are Looking For Innovators To Join The LAFB Network

Ryan Dyrud
The LAFB Network
The LAFB Network

Los Angeles is an ever-changing, innovating city, and it’s football teams embody that. The coverage of these teams is not up to par, and The LAFB Network wants to change that!

We are looking for people to join our brand and help build a media platform that the City of Angels can be proud of.

This can not be done by someone in New York writing about the Rams. Or someone in Denver recording a podcast about the Trojans’ latest victory.

We want contributors that live in LA and have their finger on the pulse, are involved in the action and will be excited about putting in the work and building this community!

This is not a stepping stone, or resume builder, this is an opportunity to join an upstart company that will be changing media in Los Angeles. If you have what it takes, drop us a line here!

We are looking for digital contributors, writers, editors to cover the following teams:

  • LA Rams
  • LA Chargers
  • LA Wildcats (XFL)
  • UCLA Football
  • USC Football

Candidates that are chosen will not only write about and cover the team they choose, but will also be instrumental in continuing to build our social media presence and community growth.

All candidates MUST meet the following requirements:

  • Exceptional Writing Ability
  • Active Social Media Presence
  • High-Brow Football Knowledge Including Team Covering
  • Willingness To Learn
  • Dedicated To Put In Time In Order To Reach Long Term Growth
  • Live In Or Around Los Angeles

Currently, this is a Volunteer position, however, there is the opportunity to earn a commission. The LAFB Network will be moving to a subscription-based digital platform, meaning that readers sign up with a paid subscription. A commission can be earned for readers that you acquire through subscriptions.

Again, this is a long-term opportunity, this will turn into a full-time paid job with the continued growth of the brand!

If this sounds like something that you would want to be apart of then email our Founder Ryan Dyrud at [email protected]. Please include in the email subject the team that you wish to cover!

We also ask that you provide a sample article pertaining to the team that you are inquiring to cover. Whether that be analyzing a game or player, a breaking news story, or an opinion column that is entirely up to you!

We look forward to hearing from you!