USC vs Oregon State: Reactions And Recap

USC Trojans Quarterback Kedon Slovis. Photo Credit: USC Athletics
USC Trojans Quarterback Kedon Slovis. Photo Credit: USC Athletics

USC vs Oregon State Reactions and Recap

Oregon State defeated the USC Trojans at the coliseum 45-27 in a game where the Beavers dominated from start to finish. Usually, there would be a facet of the game where we got beat and I’d elaborate. However, that aspect would be the entire game.

Offense Struggles With Slovis Back

When a quarterback has a QBR (Quarterback Rating) of 50.1 you can assume they were the reason the offense couldn’t get going. As easy as it is to blame Kedon Slovis for this loss, it’s not fully accurate. The amount of dropped passes this game would’ve made any quarterback look bad.

What USC should focus on offensively more than anything is their pass blocking and run blocking. Every time Slovis dropped back for even a screen pass or quick slant a defender was nearly breathing down his neck. The run blocking was better than pass pro but not by much, aside from Ingram’s early score they weren’t able to get a push the rest of the night.

Slovis threw for 355 yards, one touchdown, and three interceptions. Throwing three picks is horrible on its own, but, with Jaxson Dart throwing for 400 yards and 4 touchdowns last week, it made this feel worse.

Keaontay Ingram had a good outing with 14 carries for 79 yards and two touchdowns. The running game looked to be effective to start the game but was quickly stifled.

The passes that weren’t dropped were hauled in by the one and only Drake London. 13 receptions on 16 targets for 165 yards. He didn’t manage to get in the end zone. For a receiver to go over 130 yards four out of the five games played so far is absolutely incredible.

Gary Bryant Jr. caught a few passes and scored early in the first quarter. Tahj Washington struggled early on in the game dropping a few passes but looked far more relaxed catching a couple of wild throws later on.

Defense Got Dissected

Oregon State’s Chance Nolan got the start on Saturday night and the Sophomore quarterback looked sharp. Nolan completed 15 of 19 passes for 213 yards with four touchdowns.

Chris Steele and Isaac Taylor-Stuart got exposed and there’s nothing more to say there. Oregon States Tyjon Lindsey, who grew up in USC’s backyard in Corona, CA, had five receptions, 102 yards, and two touchdowns. If Drake London wasn’t around, he would’ve been the best receiver out there that night.

However, freshman cornerback Jaylin Smith continues to impress along with fellow freshman Calen Bullock recording an interception this week. If he can come into his own on this defense being this young, the Trojans have a good one.

If you thought the pass defense was abysmal you may want to look away as I break down the run defense.

The Beavers ran outside/inside zone, tosses, draws, jet sweeps, etc. Whatever they ran the Trojans couldn’t stop it. Junior running back B.J. Baylor gashed USC for 158 yards off 23 carries.

Every once in a while a running back gets hot and has a good game, but this was just the Trojan’s ineptitude to stop anyone carrying the ball. Oregon State racked up 322 yards, just on the ground. Nine different players ran the ball on Saturday.

Drake Jackson and this defensive line were nowhere to be found against this balanced Beaver attack. No pressures and sacks for this unit. As for their run-stuffing ability, 322 yards should tell you enough, that’s also partly why senior safety Isaiah Pola-Mao had 11 total tackles and Junior linebacker Ralen Goforth had 10.

For this Trojan Squad, the defense was slated to be the focal point of this organization but they were outplayed through the air and the ground. Coach Donte Williams certainly has won over the locker room, but now he has to make sure his guys are in the position to make plays and to be successful. Not an easy task. On to Colorado.

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USC Trojans Quarterback Kedon Slovis. Photo Credit: USC Athletics

USC Trojans Quarterback Kedon Slovis. Photo Credit: USC Athletics