PAC 12 After Dark Lives On As USC Trojans Will Have To Play Home Opener Ridiculously Late

The PAC 12 Conference is no more. With the end of this prestigious conference also goes historic rivalries and traditions. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, one tradition will live on. The infamous, and ridiculous, PAC 12 After Dark scheduling will seemingly carry over to Big Ten play, and the USC Trojans home opener against Utah State is scheduled for 8 PM PT.

8 PM is late for a game to start for us Angelenos. An 11 PM start for any East Coasters is pretty much unwatchable. This is how the term East Coast Bias came about because no one east of the Pacific Time Zone (even many in the Pacific Time Zone) stayed up to watch these games. And highlights the next day never tell the full story. So you have to wonder why this is happening.

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Obviously money talks, and having these late games allows networks to have live programming for 12+ straight hours every Saturday.

USC Football fans thought the days of football after dark were over with the move to the Big Ten. Unfortunately, the nightmare rolls on.

The Trojans are 6-0 against the Aggies, last facing them in a 45-7 victory in the Coliseum in 2016.