College Football Analyst Declares USC Trojans Offensive Lineman a Future Superstar, Top 5 in Nation

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Pro Football Focus college football analyst, Max Chadwick joined the LAFB Network to talk all things LA football. When asked about his high praise of USC Trojans offensive lineman Jonah Monheim, Chadwick went into great detail.

Monheim decided to return to USC football and play out his final year of eligibility rather than go for the draft. It was announced this spring that the 6’5″ 300 lbs lineman will move to center after having spent the majority of his time at left and right tackle. Last season he played primarily left tackle.

“He’s an 89.1 grade, which leads all returning power five tackles and Joe Alt over the last two years, Joe Alt’s the only tackle in America who’s been more valuable according to our wins above average metrics,” Chadwick told LAFB‘s Ryan Dyrud, “So Monheim has played quite literally everywhere for, for USC’s offensive line and it makes sense that he goes from playing tackle playing guard and now he’s playing center this year. So really playing basically all five positions for the USC Trojans and I can bet you right now he is gonna handle it just as well as he is handled guard and tackle just based off what we’ve seen in the last couple years.”

USC Trojans Offensive Lineman Top 5 In the Nation

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Chadwick went on to describe in greater detail just how impressive he finds Jonah Monheim;

“I think he’s a long-term interior guy, so it makes sense that they wanna move him interior now and I think that’ll help him for his draft prospects. But you can get his tape at center. You also have a lot of tape at Guard as well.”

“I think he’s a superstar and I think he is a guy that not a lot of people are talking about right now, [who] is one of the top offensive linemen in the country. And I think it’s a mistake. I think he’s probably around a top five offensive lineman, not even offensive tackle, not even guard, not even center. Offensive lineman. I think he’s around that range right now and I think he’s a really, really good player and just his versatility and the fact that he’s been elite no matter where he lines up, they’re, they’re shuffling him around all over that offensive line and he is still producing elite play.”

“That is why I think he is, you know, one of the most underrated players in the country and one of the best off, one of the best offensive linemen that we have in college football right now.”

USC Football is set to kick off its 2024 season against LSU on Sept 1 in Las Vegas. Monheim will be charged with protecting a new quarterback, Miller Moss, and blocking for new running backs, Woody Marks and Quentin Joyner.

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