USC Trojans Fall 3 Spots In Latest AP Top 25 Poll

The latest AP Top 25 Poll just dropped yesterday, and the USC Trojans fell three spots from number 5 to number 8.

The Current AP Top 10 IS As Follows:

  1. Georgia (4-0)
  2. Michigan (4-0)
  3. Texas (4-0)
  4. Ohio State (4-0)
  5. Florida State (4-0)
  6. Penn State (4-0)
  7. Washington (4-0)
  8. USC (4-0)
  9. Oregon (4-0)
  10. Utah (4-0)

Florida State fell back one spot from 4 to 5, and Ohio State, Penn State, and Washington all jumped SC pushing them back to 8. Was this fall warranted, and does it even matter?

To answer the second question first, no, it doesn’t matter. SC has yet to reach the meat of their schedule. If they do their job and continue winning they will end up as one of, if not the top-ranked school in the country. Also, the CFP Rankings don’t begin until later in the season, and those are the rankings that actually decide who makes the College Football Playoff.

Was the fall warranted? At this point, it is all opinion on how you judge most of these teams. SC went on the road, in a hostile environment, did not play their best game, but still left Tempe with a two-touchdown victory. But the biggest argument that you could make is that they don’t have a signature win yet.

Texas beat Alabama on the road. Ohio State beat Notre Dame on the road. Florida State beat LSU and Clemson. Washington hasn’t faced top-end talent yet, but they blew the doors off of Michigan State. And similarly, Penn State handled West Virginia and just shut out Iowa. I understand all of these teams moving, and some even jumping SC.

The one problem that I have is that if the voters are basing these jumps on strength of schedule, then how have Georgia and Michigan held pat at one and two? Georgia has played UT Martin, Ball State, and UAB, and beat South Carolina by 10. Michigan has handled all of their inferior opponents, but Rutgers has been their toughest opposition to date.

What do you think? Should SC have fallen 3 spots? Let us know below!

USC travels to Boulder this Saturday to take on the Colorado Buffaloes at 9 a.m. PST.