UCLA Ranks 20th In AP Top 25, Where Will They Rank In First CFP Ranking?

Following their victory against Colorado, the UCLA Bruins found themselves in a fluctuating position in the college football rankings during the 2023 season, as reflected in both the AP Top 25 and Coaches Polls. Here’s an updated analysis of their performance and rankings.

Initial Rankings

At the onset of the 2023 season, UCLA was not featured in the Top 25 of the preseason poll, though they were ranked 21st in the final Associated Press poll of the previous season​​.

Early Season Performance

By Week 2, UCLA was beginning to garner attention, although not yet ranked in the Top 25, they received a significant number of votes in the AP and Coaches Polls​​.

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Pre-Colorado Game Ranking

Before their game against Colorado, UCLA was ranked 23rd in the AP poll with a 5-2 record, right above USC at 24th​​.

Post-Colorado Game Ranking

Following the victory against Colorado, UCLA was ranked 20th in the Coaches and AP Poll for Week 9, showcasing an upward movement in the rankings after their victory​​.

Throughout the season, UCLA’s rankings have shown a fluctuating trend, depicting the story of their season so far.

The highest ranking achieved by UCLA this season was 18th, in Week 7 after the win versus Washington State.

Performance Analysis

The fluctuating rankings underscore UCLA’s efforts to improve and maintain a position within the Top 25. Their victory against Colorado was crucial in helping them ascend in the rankings once again, showcasing a resilient defensive performance trend throughout the season.