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Buffalo Bills Quarterback Tyrod Taylor. Photo Credit: Keith Allison – Under Creative Commons License

It seems as if the Buffalo Bills’ rebuild will escalate on exponential levels.

Bearing the weight of the longest active playoff drought, seventeen years strong, the franchise is desperate to turn the tide. Ever since Jim Kelly departed for Canton, 12 quarterbacks have rotated through Buffalo in the last two decades.

It could soon become 13 in a few months.

The unorthodox gunslinger Tyrod Taylor is trying to create stability for the Bills where there is none. He’s dealt with coaching changes, rotating defensive personnel, and the continuing disappearance of his top weapon, Sammy Watkins.

And the trend will continue for 2017. Watkins packed his bags for good while their top cornerbacks Stephon Gilmore and Ronald Darby left for greener grasses.

Head coach Sean McDermott will sacrifice short term gain for potential long term success. It’s not a terrible idea as Brady continues to own the East with ease, but it comes at a cost; Tyrod Taylor.

The Bills’ front office seems to be throwing 2017 in the trash at the expense of their quarterback. They have a myriad of draft picks at their disposal but the suits are torn on Taylor.

The Bills want to tank to make a move for one of the top three quarterback prospects. Taylor wants to keep the team afloat to prove he can win with subpar talent.

Now with a make it or break it year for Taylor, the odds are completely against him. But Tyrod has fought against worst. In a three-way dog fight for the starting job in Buffalo, he beat out Cassel and Manuel. He won 14 games with mediocre rosters over a two-year span, the most for the Bills since Bledsoe in 2003-2004.

While far from remarkable, Taylor is exceptional in certain areas. His 1.5 interception percentage is amongst the lowest in the league over the last two years while his skills on the ground add another dimension to their offense. His 1,148 yards on the ground rank first among active quarterbacks over the last two seasons.

Tyrod Taylor ranked 10th in quarterback rating with an 84.7 score. This ranked higher than Ben Roethlisberger, Jameis Winston, Alex Smith and Dak Prescott.

And Taylor’s greatest feat? His 80.1 quarterback rating when facing pressure. His drop of 14.6 points from when he faces no pressure is less than half of the average quarterback (33.0).

All of these advanced stats could prove that Tyrod is a capable quarterback that can anchor a franchise. But the Bills will continue to miss the playoffs.

It’s a cut throat business that Taylor pulled the short stick on. The team is ready to throw him under the bus in return for a shiny new toy that can pass the pigskin. It will take a heroic season from Taylor to carry this team to the playoffs while the front office remains desperate to tank. How this team will fare is anyone’s guess, but expect plenty of chaos and drama.

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