Tutu Atwell Leads 4 Most Underrated Rams Players

The Los Angeles Rams Warmup During Open Practice At SoFi Stadium. Photo Credit: Ryan Dyrud | LAFB Network
The Los Angeles Rams Warmup During Open Practice At SoFi Stadium. Photo Credit: Ryan Dyrud | LAFB Network

The Los Angeles Rams are entering 2021 with dreams of winning the big one. In order to do this, they will need more players than just well-known stars. In Super Bowl seasons, it is often those players that step up in the right moment to save the day when teams least expect it. Here are four of the most underrated players on the Los Angeles Rams in 2021. First up is Tutu Atwell.

Tutu Atwell Leads 4 Most Underrated Rams Players

1) Tutu Atwell

Tutu Atwell was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in the second round with the 57th overall pick. Originally, the Rams were looking for a speed option to open up the vertical passing attack. They landed one of the best veterans to do it in DeSean Jackson. However, Tutu Atwell fell to them in the second round and the Rams said “why not?” 

DeSean Jackson is 5’10” and 175 pounds. Tutu Atwell is 5’9” and 165 pounds. Tutu Atwell is basically another DeSean Jackson. Also, since Jackson is 34 years old, the Rams knew they could not use him for more than a season. They figured that since they could not have Jackson for long, why not get another receiver like Jackson? The Rams want to put them together so Atwell can learn from his storied career.

In his first nine seasons, Jackson earned around 1,000 yards or better in seven seasons. Therefore, if Jackson teaches Atwell correctly, Atwell may be able to duplicate his success later down the line. Put simply, keep an eye on these two.

2) John Wolford

John Wolford was good enough in his brief time with the team last year that he was able to convince the Rams to run Jared Goff out of town. However, no one knows how good Wolford could actually be in Sean McVay’s offense over a period of time. Of course, hopefully, the Rams never need to lean on their backup quarterback. That said, Wolford could beat expectations if he ever needs to step in for a period.

3) Van Jefferson

Van Jefferson had some hype early in his rookie season, but when looking at his production, fans cannot help but feel the urge to write him off. In 2020, Van Jefferson earned 19 catches for 220 yards and one touchdown. However, this is a symptom of having a loaded receiver corps. In other words, there are only so many passes that can be thrown in a game. 

Therefore, there is a ceiling to how much offense a single receiver can generate on a team with several other competent players.

Now entering his second season, Jefferson’s production will be higher as he is more comfortable with the offense and playing in the NFL. If DeSean Jackson shows to be struggling in his old age, Jefferson will be able to step in and deliver a surprisingly good performance in 2021 while Tutu Atwell develops.

4) Tyler Higbee

For the last few years, Tyler Higbee has been sharing the starting role with Gerald Everett. This has limited his production in the passing game. However, during those seasons, he was able to develop to be able to produce an equal amount to Gerald Everett’s production in combination with his own.

With Everett now in Seattle, Higbee will be freer to take on Everett’s workload and targets. Last season, Everett earned 41 receptions for 417 yards and one touchdown. Higbee earned 44 receptions for 521 yards and five touchdowns. If Higbee gets all of Everett’s targets in 2021, he could earn almost 1,000 yards and six touchdowns. For those who plan on playing fantasy, pick up Higbee as a late-round flyer. He is almost guaranteed to be overlooked early in 2021’s football season.