Top 10 NFL Fights In History

Top NFL Fights
Houston Texans Wide Receiver Andre Johnson Gets Escort After Fight With Tennessee Titans Cornerback Courtland Finnegan. Photo Credit: AJ Guel - Under Creative Commons License

When it comes down to it, we realize that getting paid to go around and tackle each other is pretty much the concept of football. However, sometimes the players’ adrenaline can get pumped a little too hard causing for the game to get a little more intense.

In this case who doesn’t like to see a little physical confrontation in sports. I’d say it makes things that much more interesting, as it gets everyone rattled up. Although this is not hockey, and football fights are somewhat rare, we decided to take a look at the top 10 altercations of NFL.

Top 10 NFL Fights In History

10. Green Bay Packers Sam Shields Vs Chicago Bears Devin Hester

To start off our countdown we are taking it back to 2011 when the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers faced each other. Hester and Shields had a moment on the field where the two were seen pushing and shoving. Hester grabs Shields’ face mask and then proceeds to throw a punch. Officials seem to let it go on interesting enough, but a flag was then thrown to break up the scuffle. Both Shields and Hester were called for unnecessary roughness. The game continued to resume as normal and Green Bay won the game. I decided to rate this last on our list as officials didn’t see the altercation as anything serious.

9. Green Bay Packers Greg Jennings Vs Seattle Seahawks Brandon Browner

When the Packers and Seahawks met in 2012, a fight broke out after what looked like an illegal hit to Jennings by Browner. Jennings got up from the hit and rushed Browner who then pulled Jennings down. The two rolled around on the ground for a few seconds while Browner pinned Jennings down. Two refs, as well as Jordy Nelson, came to diffuse the situation and pull them apart. Both were given penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct and Browner was fined $7,875 for the hit to Jennings. Since the two weren’t ejected, and only Browner got further discipline, this fight goes down as number 9 on the countdown.

8. Washington Redskins Santana Moss vs. New York Giants Corey Webster

Number 8 on the countdown goes to an occurrence that happened in 2009 when the Redskins and Giants met. Things took a turn after Moss blocks Webster. The two start fighting and punches were thrown while Webster knocked off Moss’ helmet. Moss connects a punch to Webster, as Webster follows by bringing Moss down. The two received personal foul penalties for the play, but neither of them were ejected. Later the NFL issued out $5,000 fines for their actions.

7. Arizona Cardinals Frostee Rucker vs. San Francisco Carlos Hyde

Number 7 on the top 10 countdown goes to the Carlos Hyde and Frostee Rucker fight. In week nine this season when the two teams met Hyde seemed to be upset about a hit on QB C.J. Beathard. Letting his anger get the best of him, Hyde started to get up in some of the Cardinal player’s faces. Defending his teammates, Rucker did not hesitate as he threw Hyde down to the ground. The altercation was broken up before it led to a bigger fight. Both Hyde and Rucker got ejected, as well as Haason Reddick. None of the three were faced with suspension.

6. Jaguar’s Jalen Ramsey Vs Bengals A.J. Green

Earlier this season Ramsey and Green got into a little heated moment. In the 2nd quarter with 10 seconds left, we see some pushing and shoving, which ended with Green head-locking Ramsey, pulling him down and throwing a couple punches to the helmet. Even though it seemed that Green was more at fault, the fight resulted in the two getting ejected, but no suspensions were given out. Since there were no suspensions, it makes it seem as it was deemed as a non-threatening altercation and no further punishment was needed, marking it number 6 on the countdown.

5. New York Giants Odell Beckham Jr. Vs Carolina Panthers Josh Norman

The two had been at each other what seemed like most of the game. It was a bad game for OBJ who had dropped the ball and the Giants were down 35-7. We saw a little scuffle between the two early on but as the game went on a frustrated Beckham decided to take some anger out on Norman. OBJ rushed him head to head, and Norman retaliated taking a knee to Beckham’s head. No further damage was done as a ref was in sight to quickly grab Norman.

Beckham was penalized for three different unnecessary roughness penalties. However, that was the only punishment he suffered. Beckham was not ejected nor was he fined for his head to head to Norman. When asked about his actions OBJ simply said he was playing the game and spoke about the unfortunate loss. Norman, on the other hand, felt that the NFL should have punished OBJ accordingly and also commented on his maturity level. Beckham seemed to be on Norman the whole game, making it seem like more of a personal problem rather than just playing the game. Even though there was no ejections or further disciplinary actions I’m going to categorize this altercation as 5 on the countdown.

4. Houston Texans Andre Johnson Vs Tennessee Titans Cortland Finnegan

Number four on my countdown happened on November 28, 2010, when the Texans and Titans matched up. We got one of the most well-known fights in NFL history. In the fourth quarter, Finnegan and Johnson were shown pushing and shoving as Finnegan pulled off his own helmet. They proceeded to line up for the play but we then see Finnegan throw the first punch to Johnson. Johnson pulls off Finnegan’s helmet, and shortly after Finnegan pulls off Johnson’s. Johnson then connects on a few punches to Finnegan. A flag was thrown and the ref is there to break it up. The two were ejected from the game and fined $25,000. Even though the two deny the altercation being a personal matter, the season before Johnson was fined $7,500 for taking Finnegan to the ground. In my opinion, it seems like there was a little more going on than just taking out frustration like Johnson said.

3. Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman Vs Washington Redskins Trent Williams

This confrontation came about after the wildcard game when Williams got up in Sherman’s face. The two briefly exchanged a few words, and then Williams threw a straight jab to Sherman’s face. As Sherman threw his hands up as a sign that he wasn’t going to retaliate, he proceeded to say that he didn’t do anything and that Williams had hit him first. As Sherman gets pulled away he says “come see about that” Williams later apologized for his actions saying it was immature, and he was completely at fault. Sherman even shared on his twitter account that Williams apologized to him via text. Even though there was not much of a fight, I’m giving this moment the third spot in the countdown. It takes some real guts to just go up to Sherman and punch him right in the face! I mean I guess you would be pretty upset too if you just lost the wildcard game.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers Joey Porter Vs Cleveland Browns William Green

This fight has a different spin to it as it happened even before the game. An hour before the game was set to start the two exchanged some words back and forth and began throwing punches at each other. Green received a bloody bottom lip from Porter, and it was also said that the two even spit in each other’s faces. Both Porter and Green were ejected and not allowed to start the game. They were also issued $10,000 fines. The reason this fight sparks my interest is that not only did it happen before the game started, but they also spit in each other’s faces. Meaning that this fight was brought to a higher disrespect level which is why it takes the number two spot for the countdown.

1. Oakland Raiders Michael Crabtree Vs Denver Broncos Aqib Talib

It’s been said that there is some beef between the two. We saw a glimpse of this last season when the Raiders and Broncos faced each other week 17. When Talib ripped off a gold chain from Crabtree’s neck, after some subtle shoving. The two went about the game not causing a scene.

Since there might have been some unfinished business between the two, another fight broke out in week 12 of this season after a long block by Crabtree which pushed Talib out of the sidelines. During the altercation, Talib ripped off Crabtrees’ chain again as well as his helmet being pulled off. The two are pulled apart but meet again to try to throw in a few more punches. Both Talib and Crabtree were ejected from the game and suspended for two games (later reduced to one game). The history behind these two, and fact that Talib was able to grab Crabtree’s chain off his neck not once but twice, makes this fight a little more interesting. Which is why this brawl finishes my countdown for the number one spot. Touche for Two Chains.

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