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We are down to the final four! A few unexpected visitors are still hanging around but none the less there should be some slobber knockers this weekend. One glaring difference between these four final teams is at the quarterback position. There’s a clear separation in terms of talent and experience. It almost makes you think, wait, what the hell is he doing here? Tom Brady sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the others for a variety of reasons.

One of These QB’s Is Not Like The Others

The Other Guys

The two NFC quarterback’s squaring off, Nick Foles and Case Keenum, have one playoff win each. In the AFC, Wikipedia club leader, and internet favorite, Blake Bortles has two postseason wins. So not only have these quarterbacks received their first post-season wins during this run but combined they all have fewer playoff victories than Brady has Super Bowl Rings. Fascinating.

Should we cue up that “One of these things is not like the other” Sesame Street tune? Brady’s storied career is well documented. We know about the dominance of the AFC, the numerous Super Bowls and countless playoff wins. It’s unbelievable that he’s in the company he’s in. For the other quarterback’s, however, oh what a ride it has been!

These three so-called “misfits” will fight for the chance to add their names to the NFL history book; a book that has been dominated by one man for far too long. Their teams are built for the playoffs. With strong running games and lights-out defenses, all three have a shot at glory.

Winning In Spite Of The Quarterback

Two seasons ago Keenum and Foles were teammates on the Rams! And this preseason Bortles was benched and set to be the backup before head coach Doug Marrone had a change of heart. In fact, none of these quarterback’s have ever lost a playoff game. You know who has? Brady! Kind of clutch when you think about it.

Thank goodness football is a team sport, or else these matchups would’ve ended up unwatchable. The Jaguars defense gives them a chance versus the mighty New England Patriots. Some experts feel that the Jags will claw out a better game than if the Steelers were squaring off against the reigning Super Bowl champs.

Both the Jags, Vikings, and Eagles boast great defenses, and the Pats have a mastermind defensive coordinator in Matt Patricia. Each unit could carry their team to the Super Bowl because lord knows they can’t fully rely on their quarterback (sans New England). A stat’s comparison of all four at some point during the broadcasts should give everyone a nice chuckle. It will also show the world that the three young signal callers sharing the stage with Brady may be ushering in the end of an era.

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