Three Possible USC Head Coach Options

Leslie Torres-Valadez
USC Coach Clay Helton On The Sideline. Photo Credit: Daniel Hartwig | Under Creative Commons License
USC Coach Clay Helton On The Sideline. Photo Credit: Daniel Hartwig | Under Creative Commons License

USC’s season has started with predictable chaos on and off the field. On the field, the Trojans are off to a 3-2 record, second in the Pac-12 Conference. Off the field, Athletic Director, Lynn Swann, resigned two games into the season and a stable replacement has yet to be found. Add to the fact that last season ‘SC came in third in the Pac-12 with a 5-7 record, Clay Helton’s days are numbered. A new USC head coach is imminent. There are not a whole lot of options, however, there are some that USC must consider.

The 3 Only Possible USC Head Coach Options

Urban Meyers, FOX Sports

It would be nonsensical to not think of Urban Meyers as a possible USC head coach candidate. Currently, Meyer works for FOX Sports as their college football studio analyst. However, not so long ago he was the head coach at Ohio State University. Seventeen seasons as a head coach, he boasts a 187-32 record and has won three national championships. All of Meyer’s teams have triumphed. So it is no surprise that a university like USC would be interested in taking that kind of coach away from television. 

Meyers’ 2018 retirement announcement stunned many. According to Pete Thamel of CBS Sports, Meyers’ retirement was due to many factors including, his discontent with the Ohio State program. USC could learn from this and develop a program that will appeal to Meyers and his needs.

Most recently, Meyers confessed to missing football to “That’s what I miss more than anything. I miss winning and I miss that.”

Luring him away from his current job won’t be the main obstacle the Trojans face. The establishment of the right program outline for Meyers could be what makes or breaks the possible job opening.

Mark Richt, ACC Network

Another possible candidate for the USC’s head coach position is current ACC Network analyst, Mark Richt. Richt has had a historic coaching career and is most notably known for his 15-year tenure as head coach for Georgia. Yes, there is a smudge to his almost perfect coaching career that took place at the University of Miami. Still, what he accomplished as a whole speaks for itself. He has a 171-64 record, appearing 18 times in Bowl games and winning 11 of them. Richt was also the 2002 SEC Coach of the Year, 2017 ACC Coach of the Year, and the 2017 Walter Camp Coach of the Year Award winner.

There is no doubt that Richt can coach which, makes him a very viable choice for ‘SC. What USC needs is a coach who will garner respect from the get-go and Richt has had enough success in his career to do just that. He would also bring with him valuable experience on offense.

James Franklin, Penn State

Speaking about someone who could quickly garner respect, Penn State coach James Franklin could be that guy. Similarly to last year, speculation of Franklin leaving Penn State has already begun, although, he’s currently signed through 2022 with the Nittany Lions. A buyout could easily fix that situation so, that makes him a viable option. Franklin has refuted rumors, but there is always a possibility that USC can make an offer he can’t refuse. The possibilities are endless for the Trojans and what they can do to lure Franklin to the west coast.

In his nine-year coaching tenure, Franklin has shown maturity, achieving a 74-36 record. In 2016, not only did he win the Big Ten Championship, but he was also named the Big Ten Coach of the Year. The accumulation of positive accolades makes him a sought after coach and one that USC should keep on their radar. USC is looking for consistency and Franklin can generate that sense of uniformity that the Trojans are desperately searching for.

Up Next

USC is coming off their bye week and Clay Helton continues as head coach. It’s not surprising since an Athletic Director has yet to be named. Once an A.D. is permanently placed, you can expect Helton to be fired and coaching rumors really start to gain traction. For Helton and the Trojans players, a clash with Notre Dame is upcoming this Saturday.

USC Coach Clay Helton On The Sideline. Photo Credit: Daniel Hartwig | Under Creative Commons License

USC Coach Clay Helton On The Sideline. Photo Credit: Daniel Hartwig | Under Creative Commons License