Three Difficult Decisions The Los Angeles Rams Must Address

Three Difficult Decisions The Los Angeles Rams Must Address This Offseason

After getting all the way to the mountain top in February 2022, the Los Angeles Rams had one of the most painful falls from grace in recent sports history. During the 2021-2022 NFL campaign, it seemed like Los Angeles could do no wrong. Their offense had answers for everything that was thrown it’s way, and their defense was formidable, led by its All-Pro stars.

Those in the live betting community were used to the Rams coming through, but their reliability took a huge dip last season.

In order to get back to respectability next fall, Los Angeles cannot afford to ignore three main areas of emphasis.

Matthew Stafford Insurance

In January 2021, the Rams took a big swing at finding a quarterback that would be able to be the orchestrator of a complex Sean McVay offense. They landed longtime Detroit Lions signal caller Matthew Stafford and were immediately rewarded.

Stafford showed a level of poise and proficiency that previous starter Jared Goff struggled to maintain, and the Rams were able to ride that all the way to a Super Bowl victory. Stafford was tremendous during the last drive of the game, clinching the Lombardi Trophy for the franchise.

However, he is now getting up there in age, having turned 35 years old at the beginning of February. Stafford was only able to suit up for nine games this regular season, after suffering a spinal cord contusion. Even though many feel like he is not getting the credit he deserves, Stafford and the Rams know how good of a fit they are together when things are clicking. The team would be well served to bring in a veteran backup in case he has to miss games.

Weapons To Take Pressure Off Of Kupp

There’s no questioning the immense talent of Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp. Despite not possessing some of the physical gifts of his counterparts, Kupp’s razor-sharp route running leaves him open more often than not. He’s an extremely valuable piece for Los Angeles.

With that being said, the Rams can’t expect Kupp to be the sole option who moves the ball downfield. Even though it seems like defenses can’t guard him, Kupp will eventually be taken away in a big moment, and someone else will need to step up.

The organization thought that Allen Robinson would be able to achieve that, but he did not pan out in his first season with the team. The Rams will once again need to find players that opposing defenses need to worry about besides Kupp.

Nailing Their Draft Picks

Los Angeles’ directional strategy has been well noted over the years. They’ve sacrificed a lot of future capital in order to bring in players and establish an immediate winning culture. It’s hard to argue with the thinking, as that strategy did get them a Super Bowl win.

At some point though, the lack of high-end draft picks will start to hamper the front office’s ability to make important moves, or replenish the roster with young talent. The Rams only have three total picks in the first three rounds. While this can be said of any NFL team, Los Angeles will really need to find contributing starters with those selections considering their absence of other means to improve the team.