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It’s safe to say, right now, fans and teams are becoming eager for training camp and preseason games to start. Most importantly, though, as we won’t be seeing any live action on the field for a few months, don’t you think it’s crucial and time to do some early preparation for your fantasy football season?

But it’s worth noting, one thing is for sure, we won’t be seeing much production from the rookie quarterbacks this upcoming season. So what? You can still consider these rookies for your fantasy team. So it’s time to get rolling on that.

Now, you need to make sure you have studied the top-notch players from all the teams so you can have the best draft team to carry you to the Fantasy Championship. Well, Sports Al Dente has all the answers right here. We have compiled a list of the top 10 rookies that you should target for your team.

Here are the 10 top rookies for your squad this season.

1. Saquon Barkley – Running Back – New York Giants

Yeah, I am sure you are surprised, haha. I mean, seriously, wasn’t he the second overall draft pick for a well-suited and structured New York Giants team? Not to mention, he is a running machine. Like literally. On top of that, this season, the Giants offensive line looks like a huge upgrade compared to last season. The Giants added Nate Solder and Will Hernandez to their team. Barkley is a sure-fire starter and without a doubt worthy of number one on this list.

2. Derrius Guice – Running Back – Washington Redskins 

Make no mistake about it… Guice was simply put on hold by the Redskins because of two words: “Moral character”. For Guice, he doesn’t care. He was picked as the 59th overall selection in the second-round.

But before the draft, the Redskins were missing a key element to help better their team, and that was a three-down back who can take a majority of the carries. That all changes. Because Guice is a running threat with tremendous breakaway speed and can run over defenders. With that said, you should put him on your draft board.

3. Ronald Jones II – Running Back – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

I have Jones a little higher than some fantasy guru’s but there’s a special reason for this guy. As you know, the Doug Martin era is over. So now, there is a ‘new sheriff in town’ to replace Martin. And that is Jones. ‘Speedy’ Jones out of University of South California (USC) has the potential to become the starter for the Buccaneers. Get ready for Jones to be a dangerous weapon for the Buccaneers.

4. Rashaad Penny – Running Back – Seattle Seahawks 

Talk about “Flash”, and that’s Penny. He will give the Seahawks a huge boost in the backfield which is what they have missed since Marshawn Lynch retired after the 2015 season. What does Penny have? He has a unique combination of speed and power and can break tackles with ease (finished with 91 broken tackles after his final season at SDSU) so I won’t be surprised if he becomes an NFL success in the near future.

5.  D.J. Moore – Wide Receiver – Carolina Panthers

Moore is a little different than the prototypical receiver that Carolina has drafted over the past few years. At 6’0 210 pounds, he is smaller and quicker, and will probably play more from the inside than on the outside; not to say he can’t be a threat on the outside like Steve Smith was for years. He is a do-it-all receiver, comparable to the likes of Stefon Diggs in Minnesota, and the Panthers will find a number of different ways to get the ball in his hands, which is great news for fantasy. Cam Newton is thrilled to have him on his offense and you will be too if you are able to draft him in the later rounds.

6. Royce Freeman – Running Back – Denver Broncos 

Since C.J. Anderson was released by the Broncos, it is now time for Freeman to have an unbelievable rookie campaign. The University of Oregon alum should be a huge factor for the Broncos this season. He will be in a battle for reps with third year running back Devontae Booker, but I expect him to be the starter for the 2018 season. If not, I will surely drop to my knees.

7. Sony Michel – Running Back – New England Patriots

Ever since Tom Brady was sworn in as the quarterback for the Patriots, their running game has not been the focal point. As a team, they have had good production from the RB position, but no one player has really taken the reigns as the lone man, which is extremely frustrating from a fantasy perspective. Michel will try and change that.

Not only is he very athletic, he has the ability to exploit holes in a defense. You need to specifically pay attention to Michel. I’m telling you he will become a valuable asset as the season goes on.

8. Dante Pettis – Wide Receiver – San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers failed to find a true top wide receiver for Jimmy Garoppolo in free agency. They did draft Pettis to hopefully help the 49ers offense, and he will be added to a receiver room of Marquise Goodwin and Pierre Garcon. When watching Pettis on the field, you will see him make plays after he makes a catch. He’s going to be a very good WR4 if he stays healthy and takes a lot of chances throughout the season.

9. Calvin Ridley – Wide Receiver – Atlanta Falcons 

The good news for Ridley is that he now has Julio Jones lining up across from him. So what makes Ridley dangerous on the field? It’s his reliable hands to take advantage of the 1-on-1 coverage, which you should expect to see this upcoming season. Surprised? Not at all. Because he was widely considered the top receiver prospect in this year’s draft.

10. Michael Gallup – Wide Receiver – Dallas Cowboys 

Why him? Well, why not? He’s a well-rounded receiver who does everything well. He has the full potential to be a better bona fide star than wide receiver’s Allen Hurns, Cole Beasley, Cedrick Wilson, and Tavon Austin. Just to name a few of them. So, as for Gallup, I see him becoming a true No. 1 wide receiver for the Cowboys.

Now, it’s time to let me know whether you agree or disagree with my rankings of the top 10 fantasy rookies.

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