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The Resigning Of Denzel Perryman

The Los Angeles Chargers bringing back Denzel Perryman was absolutely good for business. Ironically, there was a strong chance the Chargers were not going to bring Perryman back. As an outstanding middle linebacker with elite level speed and power, he was limited by injuries. Basically, the 2018-19 season was not good to him. Missing the last seven games of the season, which included the Chargers playoff run was tough for all parties. In short, a player’s availability in the industry of football means everything. Hence, the reason behind the Chargers uncertainty¬†in re-signing Perryman.

How Perryman Fits

Middle linebackers have a difficult job in the NFL. Taking on lineman, and tackling running backs is just the nature of that position. Thankfully, Perryman has provided the Chargers with much needed run support, especially when healthy. Coincidently, in Perryman’s first game missed due to injury in Week 11, the Chargers lost to the Denver Broncos. Phillip Lindsay of the Broncos found routine running lanes that led to his 11 carries, 79 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Perryman would have played a major part in limiting the running success of the Broncos.

Fresh Start

With a new 2-year deal Perryman can now get back to work. Thus, coming back to training camp energized and hopefully injury free. The Chargers brought Perryman back for a reason. When healthy, he is a force and can contribute to the Chargers defense. Re-signing a player with hamstring and knee injuries is worrisome. But, that is a risk worthy of Perryman’s potential on the field. A 2-year, 12 million dollar contract for a 26-year-old athletic linebacker is a solid contract the Chargers organization will not regret. Ultimately, the Chargers were wise to bring Perryman back. A 12-4 season will be hard to duplicate without his talents on the field.

Derek Ross

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