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During a recent radio interview with Justin Scott of Baltimore’s 98 Rock, Ric Flair promoted the reunion of the Four Horseman for MCW. He also shared with listeners, what WWE superstars he would put together to make a modern day faction of the Horsemen.

Flair reminisced about his glory days with the Four Horsemen then shared the WWE superstars he felt could fill the original Horseman’s designer shoes.

“The first guy I would take is Dolph Ziggler,” said Flair. “The second guy would be Seth Rollins. The third guy would be, let me think, Horsemen… that requires a lot. You gotta be good at what you do, be able to enjoy life. Let me think: Seth… God, I haven’t had too much fun with him, but I’m sure he’d be great – Roman Reigns. Yeah, Roman’s a trooper. Gotta be careful with what I say because (laughs) God forbid anybody have any fun anymore. And, let me think. Uh, oh God, he would run from me but Randy Orton for sure.”

Flair went on to say that after years in the WWE, Orton was still a top star and would be a perfect fit even though marriage has settled him down. It’s not a secret that the Four Horsemen lived life to the fullest in and out of the ring. They “styled and profiled.” The Four Horsemen were known to ride around in limos and party until dawn.

“But he is so, so married and so laid back and having a good time,” Flair said of Orton. “But make no mistake, Randy Orton right now is still the best wrestler in wrestling. A little shorter than Barry [Windham], but same athleticism, phenomenal shape, great look, but Randy has calmed down. He’s happily married, beautiful kids, and don’t even tell him I suggested that (laughs). If Dave Batista was back, Dave would be great too.”

The original Four Horsemen were put together in the NWA back in 1985. The original group consisted of Ric Flair, Ole and Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. JJ Dillion managed the faction, who feuded with the NWA’s top baby face’s including Dusty Rhodes and the Rock-N-Roll Express.

The Four Horseman recently celebrated their 35th anniversary on February 17th for Maryland Championship Wrestling. The show was sold out.

Flair’s choices for a modern-day Horseman would surely create a formidable team, but as talented as his choices are they could never compete with the flamboyancy or personality that Flair and his comrades had. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but with the Horseman, they broke the mold…WOO…

Tammy Rose

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