The Most Hated NFL Player Opponent Of Each AFC And NFC East Fan Base

Hated NFL Player
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We continue our series of the most hated NFL player opponent of each fan base with the East region. This is the final installment of our four-part series. Let’s get right to it!

The Most Hated Player Opponent Of Each AFC And NFC East Fan Base

AFC East

Bills Mafia – Jarvis Landry

I presume now that Jarvis Landry has moved to “The Land” to play for the Browns, this hatred from the Bills Mafia will begin to dissipate. However, when the survey was taken, the consensus was without a doubt number 14. I would have thought Brady was a shoe-in, but to my surprise, “Dirty Landry” was the fan favorite, er, favorite to hate.

Gronk and Kiko Alonso were both repeat offenders on our survey, but neither could overcome the scorn for Landry.

In his first four seasons in the NFL, all with the Miami Dolphins, Landry was selected to three Pro Bowls. In eight games against the Bills he has racked up 55 catches for 527 yards, but only two touchdowns. He also has an unimpressive 3-5 record against Buffalo. So why the animosity for Landry? I’m sure this had something to do with it…

But he has a history of big hits…

And again…

There is definitely no love lost between the Bills and Landry.

Maybe a move to Cleveland will do good for Landry, and perhaps the hate from Bills Mafia will grow tepid. Or maybe the legend will live on and his face will appear on folding tables at tailgates all over upstate New York.

Go Fins – Tom Brady

As I stated early, I just assumed that Brady would have been the most hated player by every other AFC East fanbase, and my speculation was correct for the Miami Dolphins. About 30 responses in a row were simply, F*** Brady. So that pretty much sums it up. Names such as Thurman Thomas, Vinny Testaverde, and Julian Edelman were tossed in there, but the response did not even resemble a whisper to the resounding hatred for TB12. And with good reason.

The Dolphins and Brady have never met in the playoffs but in 31 regular season games, Brady is 21-10 overall. He has 7,068 yards and 57 touchdowns. That’s essentially two Pro Bowl seasons against one team.

But let’s be honest. If you have been following this series then you know the main reason that so many fans dislike The Pharaoh. Sure, his greatness, drive, competitive edge, and ability to win are all factors. But when you ask all the fans, it’s his whining, complaining, and cockiness that drive them batty, or so they say.

Oh, and if you throw five touchdowns against a team in a single half, it will only add to your legacy of hate.

Pats Nation – The Manning Brothers

As I stated way back in the first article of this series, the answers for these surveys are going to be somewhat skewed due to the fact that we did our research through social media and so the age range is on the younger side, meaning a lot of the historical player rivalries will be forgotten. That being said, the Patriots have been good for so long, that Pats fans haven’t really had any reasons to hate any opposing players. But the two that were mentioned the most were obvious choices.

It came down to a tie between two brothers, Peyton and Eli Manning. Here is the sense that I got from the answers that were received. For Peyton, it is more of an admiration and respect, but the distaste comes in when the comparisons to Tom the Terrific begin (which is immediate).

It’s almost not so much as a hatred for Peyton, but more a hatred for FANs of Peyton, because that means they are hating on their beloved Brady. However, you cannot deny the amazing rivalry that was created between the two quarterbacks and the history that we will be able to cherish forever.

This humbled writer actually attended the final Manning vs. Brady in Denver during the 2015 AFC Championship game. Like Bird vs Magic or Crosby vs Ovechkin, it will go own as one of the most memorable and cherished rivalries in sports history.

Now for the other Manning, Eli. Before Nick Foles pulled off the shocking upset of Super Bowl LII, Eli Manning was the only quarterback to defeat Brady in the Super Bowl, and he did it twice. I think that is a pretty fair reason for fans to hate someone. Not to mention, there’s this:

J-E-T-S – Tom Brady / Dan Marino

Another tie in the wrongful popularity contest of displeasure. We already know why Jets fans hate Brady. The same reason that everyone else hates Brady, so I would prefer to talk about the latter, Hall of Famer Dan Marino.

Marino came out of the esteemed ’83 draft class, and some will argue that he had a better career than the great John Elway (I am not one of them). What you cannot argue is his regular season dominance and the stats that he accrued over his career. Against the Jets alone, in 30 games, he amassed 8,651 yards passing and 72 touchdowns!

To put that into perspective, Marcus Mariota, who is widely considered one of the bright young quarterbacks in the NFL, has thrown 58 touchdowns in 42 games played. 12 more games than Marino played against the Jets and 14 fewer TDs. Ya, I wouldn’t be too fond of Marino either.

It also never helps when a famous painful play goes against your team.

NFC East

America’s Team – Eli Manning

When you are anointed as America’s Team, you will inherently gain many rivals. The Cowboys certainly have plenty, and a bevy of options for their fans to hate, but among the current fanbase, the greatest distaste is felt for Giants quarterback, Eli Manning.

Not only is Cowboys v. Giants one of the greatest rivalries in the NFL, but we had a number of years featuring Eli Manning and Tony Romo. A matchup that the third party bystander clamored over, but a man on the opposing side that the fans of The Star grew to detest.

In 27 regular season games, the younger Manning has a bleak record of 13-14, but he has thrown for 6,674 yards and 49 touchdowns. That breaks down to about 250 yards per game and close to two touchdowns per. In the lone playoff game they faced each other, Eli walked off the field triumphant after a pair of touchdowns in 2017.

What it really comes down to is that it is easy to hate the quarterback of one of the biggest rivals within your division. It doesn’t help that Eli has two Super Bowl rings as well.

Also playing into the hate factor…when you’re bailed out by receivers making a great play, but you get rewarded.

David Tyree in Super Bowl.

And this…

Rest In Peace Cowboys fans.

Big Blue – DeSean Jackson

Let me just start with this.

That game and that play alone are enough to hate an opposing player. But he did play 17 other games against Big Blue. In 17 regular season games, Jackson has 1,071 yards and six touchdowns. In one playoff game against the G-Men, he has 4 receptions for 81 yards.

What makes matters worse is that when Jackson decided to leave the Eagles, he took a short jaunt down the 95 interstate to another division rival in the Washington Redskins. Just when Giants fans thought they had escaped the nightmares, they still had to face him twice a year.

Jackson now resides in Tampa Bay, but his memory and the scar that he left with The Miracle At The Meadowlands 2 will forever keep him in poor graces in The Big Apple.

Fly Eagles Fly – Ezekiel Elliott

The Eagles are the defending National Champions so they don’t have too much to gripe about, but they still love to complain about how much they dislike Ezekiel Elliott. In his short career, he has only played two games against the Birds, compiling 199 yards and zero touchdowns. Both games did result in a W for the Boys, however.

His most mind-numbing trait that seems to set off Philly faithful, and all NFC East fans for that matter, is Zeke’s signature “feed me” antics after every big run.

Unfortunately, Eagles fans will just have to get used to it seeing as Zeke will be a mainstay in Dallas for years to come. Playing twice a year will only cause the hatred to grow, especially if he continues doing things like this!

Hail To The Redskins – Odell Beckham Jr.

Another new kid on the block for Redskins fans to hate. You knew it was going to be someone from the division, but some of the hated for Eagles players subsided when they ended up spending some time in Washington, which saved them from this list. OBJ has two things going against him.

  1. He is an elite receiver that can make some ridiculous plays on the field. And…
  2. The heated rivalry that he and Josh Norman created while Norman was in Carolina has now spilled over to the fans in the Nation’s Capital with Norman joining the ‘Skins.

Like with many players on these lists, fans seem to detest players that whine and complain. Odell Beckham seems to do a lot of that.

In five games against the ‘Skins, OBJ has 529 yards and five touchdowns. Those stats don’t help his case either as he is averaging over 100 yards per game. Unless something idiotic happens in the negotiation room between Beckham and the Giants, the Redskins and their fans will have to wrestle with this distaste for many years to come.Well, there you have it! Our final rendition of the most hated player by each NFL fanbase, AFC, and NFC East addition. What do you think? Is there someone you would have changed, or can’t stand to see pacing the sidelines? Let us know!

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