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The next four years of the WWE will be….. AWESOMEEEE. That’s right, the A-lister and host of the most must-see WWE talk show in history (his words) Miz TV, will be around until at least 2022. A well-deserved contract extension was given to Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and presumably his wife Maryse as well, depending on what they want to do after the birth of their child (congrats!).

Since early 2016, no wrestler has been able to improve and rewrite their history like The Miz. His run to reinvent himself from his earlier days (which still saw him a headline a WrestleMania) has now has put him into the Hall of Fame discussion after his eighth reign as the Intercontinental Champion.

It hasn’t mattered if he was on SmackDown Live like he was in 2016-17, or Raw in 2017-18, Miz always delivers his best material. From bringing the post-show “Talking Smack” to new heights by delivering the historical promo on Daniel Bryan, or defeating Roman Reigns on consecutive shows, it’s captivating to watch.

As a heel, the Miz is the best superstar on the microphone. He can drop disses to anyone and also garner true hatred from the crowd through numerous avenues. He’s become such a great heel that fans now cheer for him, something that happens to other heels as well, yet he still finds a way to make them hate him soon after, a difficult task in 2018, but that’s what puts him on top. His feud between John Cena and Nikki Bella leading up to WrestleMania comes to mind as an example.

The in-ring work of The Miz has also vastly improved. He’s done a great job of using what he does best while hiding any of his weaknesses. It doesn’t matter if Maryse or the rest of the MiztourageĀ is at ringside with him, he uses his role players perfectly, completely mastering the role of what a chicken shit heel is supposed to be. It’s usually ugly, but when The Miz wins, it gives you a response.

An extension for Miz should be exciting for fans as we know he will be around for a while. The Miz is one of the few wrestlers whose Hollywood popular outside of wrestling, so it’s great to hear that he’s committed.

The job he’s done has been exceptional, and it’s the reason they give him the mic so often to let him run in whatever direction he may please. That includes being assigned to work with LaVar Ball when the Ball family came to Raw. The company needed someone they could trust to hold things together, so it was he who got the call.

The Miz’s microphone work separates him from the pack, and that is why in these next four years we will see another WWE Championship or Universal Title run out of him. He’s not only ready, he’s also earned it.

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