The Dudley Boyz WWE Hall of Fame Legacy

Josh Whitworth
Dudley Boyz
Dudley Boyz HOF Photo Credit: Sescoops / Sports Al Dente Illustration

[heading]Dudley Boyz Inducted[/heading]D-Von! Get the tables!

That line is so well known by wrestling fans that it has become a joke for anyone that watched WWF in the 90s or early 2000s. They carved their own path, or better said, broke their own path, right through every table that they could get their hands on. The Dudley Boyz inspired a whole generation of tag teams. They revolutionized how tag teams operate. They worked as one and had so many signature double team attacks, it was unbelievable. Now the Dudley Boyz are being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018.[heading]Revolutionizing the Game[/heading]The Dudley Boyz set the standard when it comes to being a tag team. Their move set was so revolutionary. Neither man being small, it was always so exciting when D-Von climbed the turnbuckle to look down at Bubba Ray holding the opponent’s legs spread for the patented move, the ‘Wuzzup.’ The name came from when Bubba would look up at D-Von, stick his tongue out and yell “Wuzzup!” to D-Von who would reciprocate the taunt before delivering a flying headbutt to the opponent’s crotch.

Who could forget their finisher: The Dudley Death Drop or more commonly known as the 3-D. This move consisted of D-Von lifting the opponent by the legs for what appeared to be a flapjack, but then Bubba Ray would run in to deliver a cutter to the falling opponent. This was always a match ender.[heading]The Resume[/heading]The Dudley Boyz, in their typical colors of tye-dye early on in their career, and camo, later on, are getting their due. They boast an incredible group of 21 total tag team titles throughout their career. They were 8-time WWE World Tag Team Champs and 1-time WWE Tag Team Champs in their most recent return.

The duo brought their own weapon-based wrestling style they developed early on in ECW to the WWE. The duo took place in back to back Pro Wrestling Illustrated Match of the Year in the years 2000 and 2001 with Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boyz. In 2001 the Dudley Boyz were the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Tag Team of the Year as well. The Dudley Boyz are well deserving of this induction and they continue to have their legacy show through into how tag teams function today.