The Drama Surrounding Bohn, Meyer, And USC

Leslie Torres-Valadez
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USC Trojans Vs Arizona Wildcats

The Bohn, Meyer, and USC drama begins as rumors begin to ignite that USC has chosen Mike Bohn as their new A.D. Update: Their selection was just officially announced by ‘SC on Thursday morning. 

The news of a new athletic director has not started off in a positive way for the Trojans. And at this point, any noise is damaging for USC and it’s potential head coach suitors. Their A.D. choice has also left more questions than answers. 

Is Bohn really not allowed to go after Urban Meyer for the head coach position? Why did USC President, Carol Folt, not mention this choice to Bohn? Why is Meyer excluded from USC’s head coach list? And will Bohn rescind his acceptance as A.D. because of it? This last question has been answered, but there is more left to be untangled.  

The Drama Surrounding Bohn, Meyer, And USC

Bohn Can Not Go After Urban Meyer

About a week ago, reports started to show up that USC had found its new athletic director, Mike Bohn, from the University of Cincinnati. Since then, theories and connections have started on how Bohn is the key link to getting Meyer to come out of retirement for USC. Meyer played for the University of Cincinnati, Meyer’s son currently attends Cincinnati, and Bohn once tweeted praise to Meyer. Seems like enough connections to get the ball rolling. 

Or in those same theories, the hiring of Bohn further pushes Meyer away from USC. Other A.D. candidates offer a stronger connection to Meyer and yet they were not given the job. 

However, clarity has emerged on how close USC is to getting Meyer and, the answer is that they are not close at all. They are not even attempting to reach out. 

Recently surfaced reports state that USC President, Carol Folt, does not want Meyer to be USC’s next head coach. Well according to those same reports, this was news to Bohn who accepted the position without being informed about it in the first place.

Why Meyer Should Be On USC’s List

It comes as a shock to find out that the Trojans do not want any ties to Meyer. Meyer left coaching in 2018 due to health reasons and has now opted for a broadcasting job with FOX. Yet, the possibility of coaching again is not gone as Meyers has said in the past that he would be open to returning for the right organization. 

During Meyer’s seven seasons with Ohio State, his team went 83-9 overall and he currently holds a 187-32 career record as a head coach. He retired as the third-winningest coach in college football history. So, why would USC not want a coach who won the College Football Playoff national championship in 2014 and also won the Big Ten Conference in 2014, 2017, and 2018?

Perhaps because USC cannot take on any more drama. They do not have the liberty for spectacle and new president, Folt, considers that adding Meyer to the program will do more harm than good. 

Why Meyer Is Not On USC’s List

The Trojans are synonymous with controversy. There’s the college admission scandal that questions the school’s academic integrity. Former USC assistant coach, Tony Bland, was arrested and pleaded guilty to conspire to commit bribery. There is also the ongoing lawsuit against USC and former gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall for alleged sexual abuse. USC’s football program that is worth more than $320 million has had consecutive dreary seasons continuously filled with questions of integrity. And it does not help that they have had a revolving door of A.D’s and head coaches in the past three years. 

Meyer comes with his baggage as well. He was caught in the middle of domestic abuse allegations to his former Ohio State assistant, Zach Smith. Meyer served a three-game suspension for the handling of those allegations. In his time with Florida, he was also criticized for the management of the players on his team and their off-the-field antics. During his six seasons with the Gators, thirty-one of his football players were arrested on some kind of charge. 

Lastly, there is also concern over Meyer’s health. His health has caused him to declare retirement more than once . A scenario that SC would like to avoid is hiring Meyer and his baggage, only to have him retire a season or two into his tenure. 

Bohn Could Rescind Acceptance

Yes, rescinding the acceptance was on the table for Bohn until this Thursday morning. USC has made it official, announcing Bohn as their new athletic director.  Bohn adds that “he will work tirelessly to…build a championship program with a level of integrity the entire Trojan Family will be proud of.” Perhaps now, some questions can be answered. Bohn is accepting the job with the knowledge of how President Folt feels toward the head coach position. 

USC Should Strive For A No-Drama Zone

For a university that wants to stay on the path of integrity and out of rumors and dramas, they sure don’t make an easy path for themselves. A tad bit more transparency throughout their hiring and rebuilding process, could have lead to much less speculation. 

They could have also spoken to their new hire about specific work conditions before they offered the job. Where’s the integrity in that?