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It can be hard to find the positives in professional wrestling sometimes. A lot of times, people tend to focus on the bad things more than the good things, which is a bad mentality to have with anything. That’s why I want to take this time to spotlight five of the good things going on in pro wrestling. This is not just a WWE-exclusive list, either. This will spotlight good things in pro wrestling across the world.

Seth Rollins

How awesome is it seeing Seth Rollins as Intercontinental Champion? Rollins looks like the wrestler he was before his ACL injury in 2015. He’s putting on great matches on a weekly basis, including his Backlash match with The Miz. Rollins is a guy you want to cheer for and has gotten over with the crowd because of his wrestling ability more than anything else. And, it’s fun to yell “BURN IT DOWN!” when his entrance music hits as well. Rollins has been the first-half MVP for WWE, elevating himself back into a top-10 wrestler in the world.

Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman has been the most popular wrestler in WWE since his feud with Roman Reigns last summer. The “Monster Among Men” has become one of the best big men in pro wrestling history, as his combination of size, strength, and agility is second to none. Strowman is a sure-fire future WWE champion and has been a huge success for WWE.

Daniel Bryan wrestling again

Did you ever see this happening again in a WWE ring? The answer is no. It’s still surreal to see Bryan wrestling on a weekly basis again. He’s had good matches with AJ Styles and Rusev and went more than an hour in the Greatest Royal Rumble match. His feud with Big Cass has been okay, but seeing Bryan wrestle again is a victory in itself.

All In

It’s the biggest indie wrestling event of all-time potentially. Spearheaded by Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks, this event sold out in under 30 minutes on Sunday. The amount of working going into making this event a success is incredible, and it’s great to see such fantastic response to it by the fans. An event like All In is great for wrestling. It shows that non-WWE shows can sell tickets and helps showcase indie wrestling like it’s never been before in the United States. More than 10,000 people will be attending an independent wrestling show on September 1. That statement seemed impossible only three years ago. Good for Rhodes and the Bucks for making this all possible.

Chris Jericho in NJPW

Everything Chris Jericho touches turns to gold these days. After an amazing run in WWE from 2016-17, Jericho has made the transition to wrestling for NJPW. His first feud with Kenny Omega was a roaring success. And now, Y2J will be facing Tetsuya Naito at NJPW’s June event Dominion. Having an international star like Jericho has brought even more eyeballs to NJPW, helping grow its viewership and live event attendance numbers. Just like All In, this is great for pro wrestling. The more guys like Naito get exposed to the world, the better.

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