The Coach And The Don Podcast; Jersey Beer Run 61-70; Travel Destinations

The Coach and the Don NFL Free Agency
The Coach and the Don

For the first time ever, we complete a segment of The Coach and The Don LIVE on Instagram! Aren’t technology and social media great!

Some big announcements for Sports Al Dente during this episode so you do not want to miss it!

We are getting to the final rounds of our Jersey Beer Run segment as we wrapped up #61-70 this week. You may think only linemen wear these jersey numbers but our list may surprise you, and who wouldn’t want to have a drink with a big, burly lineman?

Our non-football topic this week: Top 5 Travel Destinations. All places of keen interest to both the Coach and the Don.

Finally, we get back to football and discuss four possible Super Bowl matchups that could happen in the next 5 years that have never happened before!

It’s all right here, only on The Coach and The Don brought to you by Sports Al Dente!