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It’s a new era. No Philip Rivers. San Diego is a memory. The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl Champions.

So what team is the Los Angeles Chargers biggest rival? What makes a team a rival? Is it the team you keep playing against but can’t seem to beat? Is it the team with the most trash talkers? Or is it a team your fan base just cannot absolutely stand? Probably a dash of all of the above.

The Chargers Biggest Rival In 2020

3. Kansas City Chiefs

Maybe this rivalry is peppered with envy. Could have had Patrick Mahomes… but no. The Chargers had the seventh overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft and they picked Mike Williams instead. The Chiefs then traded up and grabbed Mahomes with the 10th pick of the first round. Hindsight as they say. Now they also have the Lombardi Trophy.

2. Los Angeles Rams

The inhumanity of it all. Having to share a stadium and now having to share face time on HBO Hard Knocks. Are they the big brother looking down on us?

They have a narrow winning margin against the Chargers, seven wins to the Chargers five, but they also have a Super Bowl appearance this decade.

1. Denver Broncos

Come on how can it not be the Broncos in 2020. We take Chris Harris Jr. and they now have Melvin Gordon. We are going to meet at least twice in a season.

So far the Broncos have the overall edge, with the Chargers record against them being 52-67-1, giving the Chargers the lowest winning percentage against the Broncos compared to other division rivals. The Broncos advantage includes winning the only playoff meeting in the 2013 AFC Divisional game.

Honorable Mention

Las Vegas Raiders

Seriously does anyone but Raiders fans even like the Raiders? Now they have taken their talents to Vegas. The rivalry will have to renew across state lines.

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Chargers Stadium In San Diego. Photo Credit: Dirk DBQ | Under Creative Commons License

Chargers Stadium In San Diego. Photo Credit: Dirk DBQ | Under Creative Commons License


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