The 49ers And Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant
Dez Bryant could be a free agent target for the 49ers this offseason. Photo Credit: Keith Allison via Creative Commons License.

The 49ers have acquired a number of excellent players through free agency this offseason. They may have the opportunity to acquire another in Dez Bryant. He has been a fantastic receiver for the Dallas Cowboys since being drafted in 2010. They released him in the 2018 offseason and he remains a free agent.

There have been rumblings in the media that he might be a good fit for the 49ers. They still have cap space and could upgrade at receiver. He can make a difference for an organization which is on the cusp of returning to the playoffs.

The 49ers And Dez Bryant

Cap Space:

The 49ers currently enjoy $36.5 million in salary cap space for the 2018 season. This cap space is more than enough to justify signing Bryant to at least a short-term deal. The problem with this way of thinking is that Bryant is looking for a championship team as well as a longer deal. He wants to feel wanted and the only way to accomplish this is to give him a long-term deal worth at least five years.

Receiver Depth:

Every receiver on the 49ers roster has potential to be a star but none has the pedigree Bryant has coming from the Cowboys. He has been to the Pro Bowl three times and has 73 career touchdowns. He has an excellent career average of 14 yards per reception which should bode well with Head Coach Kyle Shanahan‘s offense.

Howvever the 49ers have a number of solid receivers who can become Pro Bowl-caliber if given the chance. Their collective speed should be the envy of the NFL and their connection with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is promising.

Returning receivers include Pierre Garcon, Marquise Goodwin and Trent Taylor. They also drafted Dante Pettis and Richie James in 2018. This group of receivers has the opportunity to make a difference for the 49ers. While signing Bryant can improve their receiving group, it is not necessary due to the talent currently on their roster.


Bryant’s character has been questioned since he entered NFL. While in college, he was suspended for much of his junior season due to lying about an interaction he had with Deion Sanders. He was arrested in 2012 for allegedly striking his mother. He was sued in 2016 for damaging a rented house. These are glaring concerns which need to be considered before signing him but the 49ers need to consider his background.

He was born to a 15-year-old mother and grew up in poverty. His mother was arrested for selling crack cocaine when he was eight years old. High school was rough as he lived in eight places during that period.

Throughout his life, he has battled against adversity and persevered. He has the accolades and the money. What he wants now is a chance for a championship. Does he view the 49ers as a championship-caliber team? Where he signs will answer that and may determine NFL history.