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Wide Receiver Eric Decker

The release of Eric Decker should come as no surprise to anyone as the Jets have firmly stated with his release, and the release of veterans Brandon Marshall and David Harris, that they are, inevitably, tanking.

This is one of the few actual smart moves the Jets have made in quite some time because they are finally leaving the treadmill of mediocrity to make room for a young and talented roster with a new direction.

Teams That Should Be Targeting Eric Decker

That is all fine and dandy for the Jets but what team should have an eye on the soon to be released, or traded (not likely), Eric Decker. Decker is still a valuable playmaker that could be an excellent number two receiver on many NFL teams. Just two years ago he eclipsed 1,000 yards and had 12 touchdowns, all with Ryan Fitzpatrick as his quarterback! To be fair that was Fitzpatrick’s best year by far but still, this shows that Decker can produce with almost any quarterback. I have compiled a list of what teams would be the best fit for Decker and why they should target him in free agency.

New Orleans Saints:

Decker would be a perfect fit for the Saints as they are in desperate need of a legit number 2 receiver. With the subtraction of Brandin Cooks from their receiving corps, the Saints should look towards veteran Eric Decker to line up opposite of proven Michael Thomas. Some may say that this is a frivolous move considering the flashes Willie Snead showed last year but he is overall unproven and would provide excellent depth alongside Decker. At the end of the day, the Saints are a pass-heavy offense who could use another big target in the red zone for Drew Brees, if the price is right.

Carolina Panthers

Kelvin Benjamin was a disappointment in many regards last season, Devin Funchess also had a mediocre season, and the deep threat Ted Ginn Jr. left in free agency. Let’s face it the Panthers could use another weapon outside for Cam Newton to target and the big bodied Decker fits the mold of Panthers receivers. Adding Decker would give the Panthers another big-time weapon and add even more size to their already huge receiving core. The Panthers should give Decker a call and improve upon their abysmal 2016 campaign.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are in desperate need of a legit number two receiving option outside of Larry Fitzgerald seeing the fall from grace of John Brown, the diminutive size and unreliability of J.J. Nelson, and the recently departed Michael Floyd. If Carson Palmer is going to have any chance to be productive next season they need to add another vertical weapon to stretch the field and be a red zone target; Decker can do both of those things for this team.

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