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So last week I said the Patriots were obviously still cheating and then a mysterious heavy fog falls all over the stadium in their next game. Coincidence? I think not.  That among many other things were some of the main observations I’ve had with what was yet another really enjoyable NFL weekend. So let’s take a look at some of my other astute observations that are perfectly rational.

A Tad Concerning: Week 7 Overreactions Around The NFL

Eddie Jackson Is The Next Ed Reed

You know I was almost tempted to change this title because it’s offensive to Eddie Jackson. For those of who don’t know a year ago from Sunday, the safety Jackson suffered a season-ending injury while he was attending Alabama and it would be his last game ever for the Tide.

Now he scored two 75-yard touchdowns against a legitimate offense in Carolina and has made himself known to the league. He found the loose ball faster than Jay Cutler can find a cigarette.

Ball-hawk safeties are a specialty especially in today’s NFL and the Bears have clearly found their future defensive leader. I promise you 20 years from now people will know the name Eddie Jackson in the same echelon as Ed Reed, Brian Dawkins, and Troy Polamalu as the best safeties to play in this era.

The Browns Will Sign Colin Kaepernick Before This Season Ends

Going into this season, Kaepernick was seen as untouchable by most general managers and owners around the league because he just wasn’t worth all the criticism the team would get should they sign him. Oh how times change.

In the past two weeks, the Browns have benched DeShone Kizer in favor of Cody Kessler then benched Kessler for Kizer yet again and then the entire team and city just let out one giant sigh. Honestly, I’m surprised Joe Thomas hurt his triceps when it’s his shoulders that should be shot from carrying this team for the past decade.

So the Browns have reached a level of sucking the likes of which have never been seen before. Cleveland’s team is so bad that it is worth all the hate and protests they will get from their fans and they’ll sign Kaepernick.

He’s better than what they have and frankly, the whole team has pretty much taken a knee to this season already so it’s not anything new to the city.

Andrew Luck Is Faking Being Hurt

In case you haven’t heard already, the Colts are really bad this year. A lot of it is because Andrew Luck’s recovery from shoulder surgery from the offseason continues to suffer setbacks. Honestly, at this rate, Tiger Woods is going to have his comeback before Luck does.

I think there’s more to this story though. The Colts have always been one of those teams that has failed to put real talent around Luck (T.Y. Hilton aside) and he has constantly elevated that team far above their actual skill level. I think Luck really did hurt his shoulder but as soon as he was good to go a few weeks ago, he looked at that roster and just said, “Nuh-uh. I’m not doing it.”

Luck is a brilliant actor who is simply feigning his pain until the offseason gets here and the Colts start working on that offensive line. He’s seeing Jacoby Brissett running around like a rabbit being chased by dogs and Luck knows that he’s 1. Not that mobile and 2. Doesn’t want to die.

So I don’t think Luck will play for the rest of the season because he’s looking after himself and frankly I think that’s very smart of him because that team on the field right now is just no good.

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