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As the midseason point gets closer, the picture of the NFL this season is becoming clearer and clearer. The Giants suck, the Jaguars are the definition of a wild card and Ben Roethlisberger is definitely past his prime. There’s a lot to break down from this week so I won’t make you wait any longer for my reasonable and not-at-all insane week 5 overreactions.

The Giants Will Finish This Season With Zero Healthy Receivers

As if New York’s offense needed another wrench thrown in it, the most inept offense in football was dealt, as LeBron would say, not one, not two, but three huge blows when they lost their three top receivers. Brandon Marshall and Odell Beckham Jr. have already announced they’re done for the season while Sterling Shepherd is day-to-day.

Clearly, this offense is cursed. There’s no way an offense that already has a bunch of cardboard cut-outs pretending to be professional lineman and a quarterback who’s so old he walks out of the tunnel in a walker loses literally the one good aspect of itself without some type of curse.

So as with any curse, it will continue to get worse and worse until a sacrifice is made to appease it which will more than likely be Ben McAdoo’s job. It’s inevitable that this position problem is eventually going to be so bad, the Giants may actually respond to T.O. and Chad Johnson for a workout.

The Jaguars’ Defense Is Our Generation’s Next Great One

Do you remember the Tampa Bay defense of the early 2000s? How about the Steelers later that decade? They are just a few of the great defenses that the 21st century has seen so far in the NFL. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the next great defense that will go down in history.

It’s been a few years in the making but with signings like Calais Campbell and Barry Church along with smart draft picks like Jalen Ramsey and Myles Jack, the Jaguars plan is finally paying off.

Along with keeping the Texans, Ravens, and Titans all under 11 points so far this season, the Jags’ performance against the Steelers in which they picked off future Hall of Famer Ben Roethlisberger five times is a virtual guarantee that this defense is for real.

Could you imagine how good this team would be with a quarterback who is actually good? The Jaguars are one position away from being a legitimate Super Bowl contender because everyone knows the first step in winning a championship is a good defense.

Jared Goff Hype Was Bogus

Having Goff as your quarterback is like being in a bad relationship. Never consistent, many times painful yet there are always the flashes of what it could be so you keep coming back to it.

After his phenomenal performance against the 49ers two weeks ago and upsetting the Cowboys last week, it seemed that everyone was in agreement Goff has made significant improvements in his second year. People were finally saying the first overall pick was finally living up to his potential.

Then the Seahawks came to town. Goff struggled massively going 22-for-47 for 275 yards and two interceptions. Looking back on it, Goff only succeeded against the Colts, 49ers, and Cowboys. All of those defenses have been struggling this year.

Clearly, the hype was just a reason to talk about a Los Angeles team since the Chargers are abysmal and Goff is still the good old overvalued quarterback we all know he was deep down.

Mitchell Tribusky Doesn’t Have The Clutch Gene

Speaking of overvalued quarterbacks, Mitch Trubisky had his NFL debut this week and let’s say it could’ve gone a little better. He looked good for much of the game with penalties and poor receiver play hurting the offense more than anything.

Fast forward to 2:23 remaining on the clock. The hopes and dreams of the Bears’ future trots onto the field with the scored tied at 17. You could practically hear the epic symphony of anticipation building up as Bears fans prepared to see their quarterback show off his capabilities in the clutch.

He snaps the ball and the crescendo began to rise faster and faster, he throws a bullet as the music hits its peak and…intercepted. Harrison Smith picks it off and Vikings kick the field goal to win the game.

Like I said, it could’ve gone a little better. Bears fans will have to wait to see if Trubisky is truly the answer to Chicago’s prayers but one thing is for sure known now: Trubisky clearly doesn’t have the clutch gene in him.

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